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1. Alien Hotshots

1. Alien Hotshots

Asin: B00000GBQK
Catlog: Toy
Manufacturer: Gamewright
Sales Rank: 10836
Average Customer Review: 4.83 out of 5 stars
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Editorial Review

In the game War, players compare cards, and the highest number wins and takes the other cards. Alien Hotshots picks up where War leaves off. In the year 4560, an interstellar war breaks out between the Evens and the Odds. Each side, strategizing, ups the ante, creating exotic secret weapons such as the Odd Eater and the Space Germ. Plustoids and Minusaurs orbit the planets, ready to help their favorite side. The 55 standard-size cards are illustrated with such space creatures as Cephaloid Surfers, Zygodactylous Terrain Walkers, and the disgustingly slimy, inedible Plasmoid Pods, each with an odd or even number value or a power-card symbol. This space-age complexity adds fresh interest to the classic game while teaching strategy, exploring the concepts of odd and even, and inspiring young players to ponder what's really out there beyond Earth. --Emilie Coulter ... Read more

Reviews (6)

Fun twist on the game of War
It took us (me and my 7 and 5 year olds) a while to figure out the rules of the game, but it was a fun game when we worked out most of the details. This is a variation on the familiar War game (with a standard deck of cards without the jokers) with a space/alien twist. In the deck, besides the numbered cards, one gets space Germ cards and one Blackholeb card, which have unique functions. There are also Even Eaters and Odd Eaters, which "gobble up" respective cards (though we had to guess what "gobble up" entailed in a game). There are also Plus-es and Minus-es cards which can change values of numbered cards thereby changing the outcome of a hand.

The box says the game is for 8 and up, but we had no problem playing this game. If my 5 year old had any confusion about even and odd numbers, much of the confusion got cleared up after one round. And the Plus-es and Minus-es also help teach some very basic math concept.

At the beginning I got a bit frustrated with the rules of the game. But we went ahead with the playing anyway and as we went along, my kids figured out most of the stuff on their own. All in all, an interesting game.

Excellent but not as durable
Children loved it right out of the box. The graphics, the story and the rules were simple and fun. Game ends quite quickly and keeps children involved. I wish the cards were a little durable...

Alien Hotshots Hot!
Whenever a child has a chance to learn basic, lifelong skills and have a blast doing it, that's a chance not to be missed. Alien Hotshots not only teaches children about numbers, this card game teaches the relationship numbers have with each other and the multiple ways numbers can interact with each other. The fear of numbers and, by extension, the fear of math that some children have will be greatly relieved by this game. The game is very easy to learn and never grows stale. Being a card game, cards can get misplaced. Children will want to carry certain cards around with them. The artwork on each card is eye-catching and interesting to look at over and over again. When my daughter wrote to Gamewright saying what a great game this was, the owners sent back an appreciative, personally-written response. An endearing game from an endearing company.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Card Game!
This was an eye-opener of a card game for our boys. It was highly recommended to us and we have not been disappointed. It has saved us through many restaurant dinners when the boys needed something to keep them busy and relatively quiet!

The play is similar to the familiar card game of 'War' which I learned with a regular deck of cards when I was growing up. The great part of this game is that certain cards have special values. The even-eaters will always beat any even card and the odd-eaters can take any odd card -- as long as it is one of the cards without the immunities. There are, however, some other cards that offer immunities to those attacks which results in an extra degree of randomness. Moreover, there are 'plus' cards which can be held separately from your other cards; these can be used strategically to defeat other cards. This element of strategy is what gives this game some educational value as the players have to be careful for when they use those special cards. The Black Hole card is also a key differentiator. When it comes up, it takes cards out of play which helps to ensure that this game can actually come to an end.

Alien Hotshots is a nifty game. We highly recommend it for kids as a lively alternative to other card games.

5-0 out of 5 stars Aliens live on
Hi im a alien fan and this game is educational and fun.Thise card game as neat pictures and is also funny pictures!If you like aliens or cards you will love this!i spend hours playing this with my family evry night and once youve played thise you cant if you read this an whant some fun buy this. ... Read more

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