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    1. Wireless Entertainment System:

    1. Wireless Entertainment System: Purple
    list price: $99.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00004T1KZ
    Catlog: Toy
    Manufacturer: Cybiko
    Sales Rank: 10616
    Average Customer Review: 3.86 out of 5 stars
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    Editorial Review

    Cross an electronic organizer, a cell phone, and a hand-held game caddy, and you have the Cybiko--the toy for Generation Y.Cybiko touts this hand-held unit as a "Wireless Inter-tainment System" for communicating (e-mail style)and playing video games--just what young, mobile, tech-minded kids are into these days. Thismultifunctional device offers wireless, high-frequency, digital connections to other Cybiko units within a range of 150 feet indoors to 300 feet outdoors.

    Among the Cybiko's many functions: Users can chat wirelessly, play interactive games with friends orother Cybiko users, e-mail anyone on the Internet, and nurture the cyberpet, "CyLandia." The Cybiko alsohas a "Find a Friend" feature that can be utilized like personal classified ads. Tons of new games and internet software can be downloaded daily from into the Cybiko unit. Also, it stores addresses,phone numbers, e-mails, and even offers a personal planner.

    The Cybiko has a few minor limitations: It only downloads from personal computers, not Macintoshes; forinitial use, upgrading and "staying in the loop" depends on downloading vital information from Cybiko'sWeb site, including all Cybiko-compatible games; and users must plug into a hard drive to send and receivee-mails.

    Included is one Cybiko unit, equipped with a stylus for keying tiny buttons; a rechargeable battery, an adapter for charging or plugging in; and an adapter cable for downloading to and from PCs. There's also adetailed user's manual to help with the initial programming. The Cybiko is 5.7 by 2.8 by .86 inches, weighsless than 5 ounces, and churns with a 32-bit, 11-MHz Hitachi main processor, and 512 KB of RAM. --Diane Beall ... Read more

    Reviews (59)

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Great Helper
    I've had my Cybiko for about two weeks now, and it rocks!!! It can help you stayed organized, and do much more! I've known some grown-ups that have even purchased this item for orginization purposes! Lots of people say, "It limits you to a number of games and applications you can download" well, the amount of things it gives you is around 600 different downloads and their coming up with new ones every day! My friends are all getting one, so the communications will work. You can chat, email, and do lots of other stuff! I've known lots of people that say it's stupid, but they don't have one of their own! With a small, affordable adapter, you can connect it up to your Macintosh! If you have a windows, you don't even have to buy an adapter because it's included! My teachers at school don't mind me bringing it because I have an application called "Study Stools" where I can load all of my assignments for the day into my Cybiko! I also have a "Note Pad" where you can type things in and save them! Then, you can transfer them onto your "Big Computer" and print it out! Over 600 applications and games to choose of! This toy is very fun and useful, so please note that this is a great thing for you or your child!

    FUN but later boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    worst toy i ever had first i liked it now it is a worthless peice of junk liying in the garbage.

    THIS toy gets me so mad you charge is for 15 houres and 2 min's after you take it off the charger the battery died. I threw mine out the windows. I hate cybikos never buy one. I dont care if its free do not get one

    SO far DEAD battery-MORE later
    SO far DEAD battery-MORE later

    Good for Electronics Projects
    I bought 5 of this for my electronic projects and these work great. Just 1 of 5 had dead batteries.

    I have one connected to my caller id box and when anyone calls me I can see his/her phone number and name on other cybikos located in different places in my house and receive, by mean of my TINI module connected to cybiko and internet, a SMS in my cellular phone.

    I have another one connected to a network of temperature sensors located around my house and the temperatures can be seen on any cybiko.

    Finally I have one connected to my TINI module and all this information can be seen from the internet.

    Great purchase for electronics hobbiests. ... Read more

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