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$26.88 list($49.99)
$17.99 list($49.99)
2. Star Wars: Knights of the Old
3. Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi
$69.99 list($49.99)
4. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
$14.49 list($49.99)
5. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
$17.52 list($49.99)
6. WWE Raw 2
$16.95 list($49.99)
7. Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes
$17.99 list($49.99)
8. The Simpsons: Hit and Run
9. Moto GP 2
$25.29 list($49.99)
10. Midtown Madness 3
$17.94 list($49.99)
11. Midnight Club II
$14.93 list($49.99)
12. Return to Castle Wolfenstein:
13. Conflict: Desert Storm II- Back
$38.90 list($49.99)
14. Fatal Frame
$19.99 list($49.99)
15. Dynasty Warriors 4
$16.49 list($49.99)
16. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos
$13.27 list($49.99)
17. Soul Calibur II
18. Pirates of the Caribbean
$23.97 list($49.99)
19. Futurama
20. Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters

list price: $49.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005NZ1G
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: Microsoft
Sales Rank: 75
Average Customer Review: 4.56 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

More often than not, when a game is in development for more than threeyears, it does not live up to the hype. Bungie's Halo is the exception.Not only does it meet expectations, it greatly exceeds them. This sci-fifirst-person shooter is a nearly perfect blend of gameplay, graphics, and sound.

The story revolves around the conflict between humans and an alien race known asthe Covenant. The aliens have discovered a powerful artifact--on the ring-shapedplanet called Halo--that will shift the balance of power, and it's up to theplayer to stop them. In addition to several first-person-shooter levels, thegame offers numerous opportunities to engage in vehicular combat. Both the enemyand allied artificial intelligence are extremely impressive. Enemies will usethe terrain and layout to put you in tight spots. Allies will know when to coverand aid you. For instance, if you hop into a jeep, an ally will know to jump inand man the turret on the back of it.

The graphics are exquisitely detailed, but only move at 30 frames per secondrather than 60. The sound effects and voice acting are superb. The level designis among the best ever; most of the game is engaging and challenging withoutbeing frustrating. There's also high replay value thanks to the built-insingle-player, cooperative, and deathmatch modes.

Much like the outstanding GoldenEye 007 for Nintendo 64, Haloraises the bar for console first-person shooters. All console action games willbe measured against Halo for years to come. --Raymond M. Padilla


  • Outstanding game design
  • High replay value
  • Impressive AI
  • Several maps are used multiple times
  • Save functions could have been better implemented
  • Graphics move at 30 frames per second, not 60
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Reviews (1473)

5-0 out of 5 stars Halo X-treme!!
Halo is the ULTIMATE game of the year. Like Harry Potter, you read some pages, you just continue reading. You can't stop! It takes you away completly.
Here's a heads-up on future Halo 1 buyers(There is 10 levels):

Pillar Of Autumn: This is the first level of the game. Use caution on Covenent. They're not fun to play with.

Halo: This is one of the longest levels in the game. Just follow Cortana's directions and you'll find it quite fun.

Truth and Reconciliation: Board the ship and find Captain Keyes. If you're playing on Legendary, good luck with the sword elites.

The Silent Cartographer: Use skill, strategies and a quick finger for blasting.

Assault on the Control Room: There is practicly one rule for this level; please try not to kill any Troops with the Scorpian or the Rocket Launcher or you'll die a very uneasy death.

343 Guilty Spark: Be prepared for Flood(Small guys who like eating Troops), Flood warriors(my guess is Mutated Troops who think you're the Covenent) and Flood Carriers(carries more flood on his back).

The Library: Nothing to look at except flood and huge rooms. Just finish the level in one piece.

Two Betrayals: All I can say is Assault on the Control Room backwards. This time, the chaos has incresed because the Flood is on the loose.

Keyes: Even though Captain Keyes will die, try and find him(you'll have help with Nav Points).

The Maw: The final level. You're back on the Pillar of Autumn. Escape on a jeep and you're home free.

I hope that helped. Get more information at .

Halo- The ULTIMATE 1st Person Shooting Game...period
Halo was the best Xbox game I could ever buy. The graphics are awesome and the sound-effects, well they're just as good. The only person I wouldn't recomend this to is little babies who can't handle the guns and explosions and dieing. The levels are great, they put just the right amount of suspense and action that it will keep you up playing untill you are red eyed (self control is advised). You get a large array of weapons and vehicles that are perfectly balanced so that if you get a certain weapon, you aren't unstopable (unlike the "golden gun" on James Bond). The landscape is superb so that you don't feel boxed in like some games. There are places that you can hide and be a sniper, and open places for face to face war. They literally put the game in your hands. And for some people who don't like solid fighting, humor is in this to, your fellow marines and small aliens called "grunts" scream funny things like "They're Everyhere!" and "Whe're All Gonna Die!".
The only game better than Halo will be Halo 2 baby! Ya!

Bungie Inc knew exactly what they were doing when they created this game.

5-0 out of 5 stars THE REVIEW OF ALL REVIEWS
Halo is a great game. Parents it is rated M but should not be. If you are thinking of giting it is should be for kids 13 and up. It has great grafics and missions. I think it is one of the top 3 games made.

5-0 out of 5 stars Halo ROCKS
This game is by far the BEST first person shooter that ive played. Besides killing aliens you get to defend your troops along with being able to drive some awesome vehicles! Cant wait til Halo 2 comes out, that game will rock just like this one did!

5-0 out of 5 stars Halo, the one and only!
Halo Online mutiplayer is great for an amazing single player 1st person shooter. The multiplayer capabilities are amazing too. With the release of Halo custom Edition from you can take the modding capability of games to a brand new level. This by far is one the best best games ever. And to all those who says it's too easy try to beat it on legendary difficulty in 5 days. Simply a MUST HAVE! Raven ... Read more

2. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
list price: $49.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000067DPM
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: Lucasarts Entertainment
Sales Rank: 127
Average Customer Review: 4.41 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic takes place just a few years after the Mandolorian Wars, thousands of years before the events in the Star Wars movies we know and love. Two Jedi, master Revan and his apprentice Malak, led the Republic's forces to victory and pursued the Mandalorians into deep space only to return as Dark Jedi at the head of a huge fleet of Sith warships. Only the Force powers of the Jedi Bastila prevented the Sith from overwhelming the Republic's weakened forces. At the start of the game Malak has usurped control of the Sith by betraying Revan and has attacked the ship carrying Bastila and yourself. In true Star Wars style, the game begins with a bang.

The storyline could have been a standard coming-of-age yarn but is instead a genuinely interesting adventure told with humor, compassion, and respect for the source material. Your character has a mystical bond with Bastila, and the two of you share some kind of connection to the Sith villains Darth Malak and Darth Revan. The game's planet-hopping adventures are driven by your exploration of these connections and how they relate to your larger goal of discovering the source of the Sith's sudden fleet. During your adventure you can explore side quests minor (such as racing swoops or gambling) and major (such as uncovering the fascinating back stories of your companions). Star Wars fans will get a kick out of the rich lore introduced in the game, particularly the Tatooine storyline that reveals the origin and history of the Sand People.

Gameplay is an abbreviated form of Wizards of the Coast's d20 Star Wars RPG game system--anyone who has played Dungeons & Dragons will be familiar with the abilities, stats, feats, and bonuses in this game. The player creates a character as a member of one of three starting classes (soldier, smuggler, scout) and then later chooses a Jedi class (guardian, consular, sentinel). Joining the player's character are other Jedi, warriors, thieves, droids, a wookiee, and even a Mandolorian. Unlike the faceless non-player characters of other games, each member of the supporting cast has an intriguing history and even agenda. Up to two of these other characters can join your character at any time. Depending on who you chose to take with you, new dialogue and even intra-party arguments come into the game (put the Mandalorian veteran with the Republic patriot and you'll see sparks fly). Combat is real-time turn-based, meaning the turns are seamless but the player has the option of pausing the action at any time to issue orders or direct any character to use a certain Force power, ability, feat, or item.

Graphics range from adequate to exceptional. Building and character models are not impressive--about what you get in GTA 3. Lightsaber graphics and environmental effects (like waving grass, clouds, and weather) bring the world to life. Battles are just brilliant, with characters pumping out blaster fire at Jedi who dash, dodge, and even deflect the bolts back toward their assailants. Complete with sounds straight out of the movies, the thrilling combat is pure Star Wars.

All in all, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a masterpiece of Star Wars gaming. The pacing, balance of action and dialogue, clever puzzles and quests, and loving attention to detail have set the bar very high for role-playing games in general and Star Wars games in particular. Consider this a must-have game.--Mike Fehlauer


  • Captivating storyline
  • Clever dialogue
  • Star Wars feel
  • True story and dialogue support for either Light Side or Dark Side play
  • Brilliant combat graphics
  • Fascinating characters (the loyal--and homicidal--droid HK-47 is truly unique)
  • Occasional bugs in dialogue, movie playback
  • Cannot transfer equipped gear between characters while on your ship
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Reviews (383)

5-0 out of 5 stars Gripping
It is not a good idea to start playing Knights of the Old Republic if you have other things to do or if you're behind on your sleep schedule. This is the sort of game that sucks you in and compels you to keep playing long after you really should have gone to bed.

The graphics are decent, but nothing to write home about. The control scheme is simple but effective. But where this game really shines is in its storyline. Multiple interlocking ministories weave around the main tale, the saga of your character and his struggles to retrieve the Star Maps and defeat the Dark Lord Malak, while coming to terms with... well, I won't spoil it. Play the game and love it.

The Star Wars universe translates very cleverly into an RPG world. Feats of skill mesh more or less seamlessly with Jedi powers allowing amazing flexibility in character development while remaining controllable. The game does suffer from a mild lack of balance: Jedi characters are so much more powerful than non-Jedi that I rarely interacted with the rest of my party once I had it full of Jedi. But this is a marginal defect in a stellar game.

The game supports content download via Xbox Live. As of this writing there is no extra content, but I hope Bioware gets some up soon. This game left me hungry for more, and I'll be first in line to buy the sequel.

5-0 out of 5 stars It Really Doesn't Get Much Better Than This in Console Games
Let's get right to the point ... this game is one of the top 2 or 3 console titles produced to date, period. Hype? Not at all. It's simply a wonderful gaming experience start to finish.

Disclaimer -- I am not a huge fan of console gaming, I tend to prefer PC games. However, this game is an outstanding example of what a console game *can* be when it's done right, and boy what a ride this one is.

The game is hard to categorize. It's technically a RPG following the D20 pen-and-paper Star Wars Role Playing Game rules and system presented by Wizards of the Coast, which closely follows the new DnD rules. However, the game plays more like an interactive movie than a typical RPG .. there is combat, but this isn't a predominantly hack-and-slash game. It's a great search, explore, find type of game, with a wonderful rendering of the Star Wars galaxy environment, and frankly the best dialogue and character interaction I have seen in a computer/console RPG-type game. The storlyline and characters are deep, compelling and they draw you in ... you begin to really care about what is happening, about the story that is developing, and it is not the banal story often slapped on to a RPG as a colorful backdrop for endless combat scenes, but a real cinematic-type story.

I would go as far as to say that this game justifies purchasing an X-Box, if you don't own one. It's really that good. And if you own an X-Box, obviously you have to have this game -- it's the best one out there for that, or any other, console platform.

5-0 out of 5 stars To be blunt, this game is simply phenomenal.
Ah, the realm of Star Wars... Filled with so many good - and bad *cough hayden christensen cough* things. And to not name Knights of the Old Republic amongst the good should be punishable by law. To be blunt, this is game is simply phenomenal.

As it should be in any good RPG, KotOR features an insanely good plotline. You'll begin your journey at one of three "professions." Soldier, Scout or Scoundrel - all either male or female. It's up to you as to whether you'd like to customize each aspect of your character or just have the computer create a quick one for you. You're stationed on a Republic Battle cruiser - the Endar Spire. From here, it's up to you to escape your doomed ship and make it off to Taris - the planet you're in orbit around.

Right from the first minutes of the game, you're choosing your side - or path if you will - which will ultimately result in your fate and place in the galaxy. It comes down to you to choose through your actions and dialogue whether you will side with the Republic - or the Sith.

Those who are not very familiar with RPGs (as I've noticed in some of the other reviews) sometimes find the combat style of Knights to their disliking. I myself am a fan of first person shooters like Halo. You'll soon find that Knights in the COMPLETE opposite of Halo when it comes to combat. Combat is turn based and auto- targeting and while you might formulate a picture of a slow tedious time watching the computer aim, fire,miss aim, fire, hit... it's quite the contrary. Utterly unlike Halo, combat doesn't resolve around pumping your opponent with as much lead as fast as possible (which is awesome, don't get me wrong) but around strategy. You main characters and accompanying party members each wield different skills. A Jedi might use a skill like force choke to mercilessly drain the life from an opponent while a soldier might use grenades and the rapid fire skill to take out targets. Trust me, if you're willing to try it and get into the game, combat is far from a con.

On top of the stellar storyline, combat, and the ability to decide how the game's going the end - Knights wields additonal positives. One thing I was impressed about right off the bat - before I even got into the storyline - was the sound and graphics. The voices of each of the main characters are performed by actors who do a great job with tone and rate. The sound of a lightsaber springing to life or a blaster going off are instantly recognizable. On one particular planet, you can hear the breeze blowing across the plains. The music is decent. The most important things is that it doesn't get really annoying after a lot of gameplay time. It changes accordingly during exploring time and time spent in combat. The graphics are impressive. Those displayed during the various movie clips are better than the in-game ones, though the in-game graphics are still satisfactory.

Finally - plus the graphics and sound, Knights features great replayability - something that sometimes hard to find in XBox games. The variation of games you can play are stunning. You might play your first game as the Light Side male soldier while you take a couple side quests because you're still getting the hang of things. Then you may go back and play the game as a Dark Side female scoundrel with a completely differnt set of powers and storyline. You may take a few more side quests - opening up further possibilities. Depending on the side quests you take, game might anywhere from 24 hours to 40 hours.

Overall, I'd go back and shell out $100 dollars for this game. I can't say enough about it - as is obvious by the above.

Hope I've helped give you some insight into one of the best games I've ever played! (BTW, look for the sequel on December)

1-0 out of 5 stars I even hate Star Wars RPGs!!
I'm a big Star Wars fan and I love Star Wars games (Shadows of the Empire, Clone Wars, Episode 1 Racer, Jedi Academy, etc.) but KOTOR is awful!! Like the other negative reviewers, I agree the computer does the work for you, has limited mobility, and is too wordy. You have to switch characters alot to get doors open at the beginning and you rarely fight. When you do, the game asks you if you want to fight, and when you do, the game locks the target for you (often misses) and the part that pisses me off the most, its turn-based fighting. I was really frustrated with the game play and all of the wordy stories from people you run into. I realised this was an RPG and I quit immediately afterwards. I'm glad I only rented this instead of shelling out $50. I'm also glad that I have Clone Wars for XBOX and Shadows of the Empire for my N64. For non-Star Wars games, I suggest Halo, MechAssault, Red Faction 2, and Turok 2:Seeds of Evil. I'd play Shadows of the Empire anyday over KOTOR!!

One of the best!!
This game is one of the best games ever made, I've been playing video games for many years and i am pretty picky about the ones i buy and praise. But i bought this game as soon as it came out. Even if you are not a star wars fan you will love this game. not only for the story line but for the features as well. It treads the line of 3rd perspn shooter to Rpg extremely well. ... Read more

3. Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00006LEMQ
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: Lucasarts Entertainment
Sales Rank: 1465
Average Customer Review: 3.69 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (52)

4-0 out of 5 stars the first review of the game after it was actually released
why oh why do people write reviews for games that haven't been released? first off i suppose i should let everyone know that any reviews written about this game before nov. 21 2002 should be ignored for the most part. one example of where this is true, the reviewer "lik way chan" said that the xbox version would have no dismemberment, i assure you it does. so don't base a review of a game on something you heard. anyway on with the review. this is indeed one of the best star wars games i've played. the controlling is different from Obi Wan (which i look at now and wonder...why?) the saber control is different too, but i liked the saber control in obi wan. the force powers are great (push pull jump speed grip lightning and heal) though its a pain to have to cycle through them. graphics are amazing, the storyline is great. though it seems you wait too long before you get your saber and force powers, so stick with it! the multiplayer is great too, lots of other force powers offered, ie force drain, force seeing and force rage. so apart from a few minor flaws, this game is flat out awesome, even if your not a star wars fan, this is still a great game.

4-0 out of 5 stars Really good but extremely hard
I love STAR WARS games and couldn't wait for this one. It's a cool game but not without some drawbacks.

NOTE: The game starts off as an FPS. Not until around the 7th level do you get the lightsaber and the Force. When you ignite the saber, you go into 3rd person mode.

DIFFICULTY: I'm starting with this, because this stands out the most. This game is TOUGH! I defy anyone to play through this game without consulting someone for help. I knew I was in trouble when I got stuck on the first stage! And I played the original DARK FORCES. JEDI OUTCAST consists of complicated map areas, hard puzzles, things you might not think to do, and enemies that can drain your energy quickly.

GRAPHICS: I thought they were quite good. Familiar planets is a nice touch. Has a realistic SW feel. The frame-rate is good.

SOUND: A little disappointing, particularly with regard to the lightsaber sound effect. It doesn't have half the punch that it did in OBI-WAN. The music editing is very choppy and is not done very well. Blasters sound good.

CONTROL: The default control is awful, but you can customize it to make it a lot better. Using R for the saber leads to not quite as precise lightsaber movements, but you can get used to that. You can deflect blasts with the lightsaber (and it looks awesome) but they never go back and hit the enemy! The Force is awkward to use.

MULTIPLAYER: Lots of cool places to fight (Death Star, Bespin, etc.) and you can even be a stormtrooper and have a lightsaber!

If Lucasarts took the difficulty, Force usability, lightsaber controls, sound effects, and enjoyability of OBI-WAN, with the graphics and animation of JEDI OUTCAST, we'd get one truly amazing XBOX game.

I have to say this one more time: This is game is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT! It takes the fun out of it since it is so frustrating. Still, it's worth checking out.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great star wars title!
This is a great game for any skilled star wars game freak. The graphics are pretty good and the gameplay is very fun and challenging don't listen to the negative reviews claiming the game is to hard, the people who claim it's to hard are just weak at video games granted the game can frustrate but it never get's to the point where you want to throw the game out the window. This is a good game and I highly recomend it to and star wars fan. p.s. don't buy jedi academy that game is horrible! what a shame to ruin the series like that!

4-0 out of 5 stars Action Packed!!!
My computer was to slow to play it. So I had to wait till it came out on Xbox. I had high hopes for this game and it did not let me down. The first two levels were kinda dull for me because I wanted to use a lightsaber. But after the first two levels it was granted and the game shined differently in my eyes. The gameplay after that point was action packed and I can say I never thought to brandish a gun ever again. From your first lightsaber dual up to the secret stage of the game, I have enjoyed the gameplay experience. I even find myself returning to the jedi action once and a while to slaughter stormtroopers and take in some of the big environments. If it wasn't for certain levels were I was constantly plummeting to my death I would have gave it five stars. I'm not a big Star Wars freak but just buy this game if you like the movies, it won't let you down.

5-0 out of 5 stars tHiS gAmE rOcKs!
I first got this game about 2 years ago for computer. Back then, I had a really slow computer, and it didn't work right. I was so mad that I had wasted 40 dollars on it. It went on the shelf and waited there for 2 years. Now I have a better computer and play it all the time. The earlier reviewer said that the game was extremely difficult, not so. The guy must have obviously been a moron, and not been able to figure out the puzzles, because the game has an average difficulty, and if he wants it easier, he can play on Padawan. Anyway, the game is basically a first person shooter based game, where you go around blasting storm troopers, probe droids, and more. I suggest getting this game because I really enjoy playing it, and I want to get it for XBOX too. ... Read more

4. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
list price: $49.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00006LEM3
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: Tecmo
Sales Rank: 1513
Average Customer Review: 3.69 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

The successful Dead Or Alive fighting game franchise is known as much for the bouncing breasts of the female combatants as for its innovative and consistently fun three dimensional gameplay. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball is a spinoff game that entirely drops the fighting game elements in favor of focusing on DoA's other claim to fame.

The game begins with you selecting one of the girls as your character. Each game is broken up into a two week vacation, and each day is divided into morning, daytime, and evening. You spend each segment of the day playing volleyball, gambling in the casino, shopping for swimsuits and accessories, lounging around the island, or trying to befriend the other girls on the island.

I'm not sure it's fair to classify DoA:XBV as a volleyball game. Sure, you'll spend a bit of time playing volleyball, but the gameplay is so basic that there are literally only two buttons: one to pass to your teammate and another to send the ball to the opposing side of the net. It's probably more accurate to label DoA:XBV as an unusual "relationship" game, with volleyball just one of several ways to earn money to spend on gifts for girls. Each girl has a set of items that they like; the actual object of the game is to figure out what those items are, where to buy them, and how to present them to each girl. Well-wooed girls will partner up with you for volleyball matches, or allow themselves to be convinced to try on slinkier and more exotic swimwear. For example: if you want Kasumi to try on the barely-there "Venus" swimsuit, you're going to have to shower her with gifts of strawberries, balloons, and origami.

What the game lacks in depth, volleyball gameplay, or features it makes up for in eye candy. The well-modeled, bouncy characters attract the most attention, but the island’s beaches and jungles are also universally gorgeous--and most of the volleyball courts can be played at different times of the day. If nothing else, Xtreme Beach Volleyball is a great display of the raw graphical power of the Xbox.

When considering whether or not you should purchase Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball it's important to remember what it is and what it is not. It is not a volleyball game. It is an incredibly pretty collection of small but moderately amusing mini-games played by buxom cartoon babes. Fans of Lara Croft, rejoice: the next generation is here. --Jon "Safety Monkey" Grover


  • Fantastic graphics
  • Exotic tropical setting
  • If you ever wanted to see the girls of the Dead or Alive franchise run around in bikinis, here's your chance
  • Volleyball portion of game is simple, not a lot of fun
  • Only supports two players--only then in Exhibition mode and not on the same team
  • More a collection of cut scenes than a real game
  • May make you feel dirty
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Reviews (140)

5-0 out of 5 stars Have You seen the Video for this Game?!?!?!!?
Please pick up the Nov. issue of the official XBOX magazine. It has an awesome video for Ninja Gaiden and a wonderful Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball music video. One word. Delicious. OK, OK, OK. Besides all of the half naked women running around, I do believe this will be a great game. A great game that revolves around half-naked women, but great nonetheless.

Story: What a great story!!!! With his DOA tournament winnings, Zack goes to Vegas and hits it big gambling, and with his newfound wealth, he buys an island. He then sets up the lovely DOA ladies to come to his tropical island getaway by making them believe a DOA4 tournament is being held there. When they show up and realize there is no tournament, "Hahaheehee" they laugh it off and spend a summer on the tropical island playing volleyball in bikinis. Delicious. But that's not all. There's a new character named Lisa who joins in on the fun. Yah!

Gameplay: Tecmo makes great games and this will be another solid title. It will have solid volleyball action, playing out with simple button actions. It will be very user friendly. But don't let that fool you. So was Tennis 2K2. Easy to learn, but the real joy will be in mastering the game. Timing bumps and sets will be vital in becoming a DOA Xtreme beach volleyball champion. The multiplayer will be great too. 4-player volleyball is going to rock. And the one player story/career mode will actually be pretty deep. You can build relationships with other potential volleyball team partners. You can buy a potential partners a gift, and she may wear it during a match or even buy you something in return. Sounds like the sims. But regardless, it will be an important part of the game for strong relationships off the court will lead to better tag play in the matches. Sega had a simialar aproach early this year with Beach Spikers. (Which by the way is a solid volleyball game also) Also, on the relationship aspect, past DOA grudges will come into play, and rivals will not play as well when paired together, so you'd better know your DOA!

Features Features Features: This is where the game gets good. 100 swimsuits and 50 accessories to choose from. Playing games will earn you points to buy new items. Just like Tennis 2K2 on Dcast and PS2. There will be tons of patterns and styles to choose from or even use your artistic skills to create your own! (This feature may or may not be in the final version) See-throughs here we come!!!!! Ok what would an Xbox be without the use of the hard-drive. Not only will the game have a 20+ song soundtrack, but you can use your own custom soundtrack! (Make sure to pick up the "Top Gun" and "Cocktail" soundtracks with your purchase) And you can record volleyball matches to the Xbox's hard drive, then watch them later or show them to your friends! "Remember that time I destroyed you in DOA Xtreme Volleyball? Don't remember? Well, I have it right here!!!" Hahaha.

Not just Volleyball going on: Not only will there be extreme volleyball going on, but extreme partying. You can explore Zack Island's night scene. The island casino features many favorites like blackjack, roulette, slots and poker. An arcade even lets you play a DOA 3 mini-game. Speaking of mini-games...

Mini games: Lifeguard drill, a dance competition, and a beauty contest. My my my. Delicious.

This game is just that: Delicious. I really don't have to tell you there will be half-naked girls running around on the beach, because you probably already know. But aside from that, It will be great game. Pick it up.

5-0 out of 5 stars Not just another pretty face
Besides its obvious appeal, Dead Or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball, is a highly addictive beach volleyball experience. There aren't alot of volleyball sports games on the market worth spending money on, however Dead Or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball changes all of that. Even if your not a fan of volleyball you can't help but get involved with this game. The control style and game play really don't take that long to get use to, and once you figure out how the game works, time will no longer exsist. The game starts out simple enough to help you get aclimated with the controlls and game play, however as you progress in the game the computer gets better and better. As you improve you will find that strategy becomes a more important aspect of the game. Learning how to angle shots, when to spike and when to "dump" the ball are all essential to victory. "the object is to hit the ball to where your apponent isn't." -Bill Hazelton. Picking your partner is also very important to the progression of the game. You can't play if you don't have a partner, so learning how to get a partner, and keeping her happy is quite essential. The game comes equiped with a manual complete with character bios, their likes and dislikes. You might want to pay attention to these. In addition to the volleyball aspect of the game, there are other "distractions" incorporated in this game which may occupy your time. There is a jumping type mini-game in which your girl must make it across the pool jumping from pad to pad. There are many shops on Zack's Island to obtain merchandise, such as sunglasses, suntan lotion, and of course swimsuits. Keep in mind that this game is rated mature for a reason, the more you progress the skimpier the outfits get, it's been rumored that there is even a shop which deals in rather questionable items. Dispite all of the appealing aspects of this game, it gets even better for you can pick your own soundtrack!! Any songs saved on your Xbox can be selected on the play list in the game. This is the very first game to have this sort of versatility. The Goo Goo Dolls, Aerosmith, and Vertical Horizon do it for me. With all of its qualities this game will occupy much of your careful it is addicting. This game is a must for any Xbox owner. With its excellent graphic quality, superior sound, single or multiplayer options, and a fantastic replay value any gamer would be crazy not to have this game in their collection...

5-0 out of 5 stars A Fantasy Vacation for only 50 bucks
Let's get some stuff straight first.

There is NO NUDITY. NO SEX. That's not the point here.

The point is, despite this, the ladies of Dead or Alive, some of the most popular videogame femme fatales yet. Forget Lara Croft. Forget all those polygonal princesses. Kasumi, Tina, Christie and the rest of the DOA babes will out-pose them all with this game.
DOAX lets you spend up-close and personal time with the DOA babes; this is pretty much the point of the game. Part 'Temptation Island', part volleyball game, part shopping/gift-giving game, part girlwatching and modelling sim, DOAX is pure fanservice with a nice but simple volleyball game and some gambling elements slid in.

There is no point or goal set by the game; you set it, or just basically turn the game on to enjoy yourself. You choose a character then spend the rest of the two-weeks of game time making friends and cash, buying any of the hundreds and hundreds of items, swimsuits and unlockables, and best of all, watching the Dead or Alive girls stretch, play, relax, nap, exercise and pose for your enjoyment (and you control the camera!).

The volleyball game is simple but has surprising depth that will be pleasing to most gamers but may leave hardcore sports buffs finding it shallow.
The girlwatching elements are short but OH so sweet... you can see stuff like this on a beach, but can you zoom in? Nope. DOAX lets you do that.
The Casino games are fun and well done.
But best of all is the relationship game, where you try to win over potential teammates by giving gifts and doing little subtle things like wearing gifts given to you, winning games and others.

DOAX was originally made as a fanservice game especially for DOA fans, but it can be appreciated by anyone who loves beautiful women and is not easily offended by gratuitous but ultimately harmless (and yes, laughably juvenile) cheesecake.

In short, don't take this game too seriously and just have fun, and you can play it everytime you want to lay back and enjoy.

Graphics: 10
The sexiest and most incredible character models yet in a videogame. Team Ninja just can't be beat when it comes to sexy videogame women. This lets you get in close and... WOW.
Sounds and Music: 9
A reggae-based soundtrack includes tracks from the Spice Girls and Christina Aguilera, but you have the option of using your own soundtracks... so this is as good as you want.
Gameplay: 8
Simple but engaging and strangely addicting volleyball, a fully-working casino, a funny and sexy minigame and the ability to ogle beautiful babes in bikinis. Works for me.
Lasting Appeal: 10
Tons of stuff to unlock and buy will mean you'll be playing this for hours to get that prized bikini or to befriend that beeyotch of a girl. And when you master it all, you have world-class swimsuit babes to ogle whenever you want. DARN!

Rating: 9 (10 for DOA fans)
For anyone who has Dead or Alive 3 or loves the DOA games, this is a MUST buy. For anyone else, sexy fun that's worth a look and a visit from time to time.

Not recommended for those who are easily offended by sexy women!

3-0 out of 5 stars Surprising result
My first exposure to this game was as a rental. I'm not a big sports game guy. I played it some, got good enough at the volley ball to make lots of Zack Dollars. Enjoyed the realistic "Physics Engine," got bored with it and that would have been the end of it. My wife though couldn't get enough. She said it was like playing with barbi dolls and enjoyed buying suits and trying them on the different characters. I was forced to buy her a copy of the game so she could play it for hours on end, getting new suits for different characters and giving suits to characetrs as gifts so she could see how that character looked in a suit she couldn't buy. It was really sort of sureal. I guess the story here is that women shouldn't write this game off. they may actually enjoy it more then the men who are supposed to be buying it.

5-0 out of 5 stars Wish Christie was in all D.O.A. games
Nick;evidently you and many others have not fully explored the game as i have; logged over 227 Man hours in to this game and not for eye candy or being a crazed maniac,But to prove a point and the volleyball game part is not as easy as some would have you believe!!capiche!!Next THERE is Nudity in this game but some of you young naive folks ,just haven't seen it or did enough exploring .i don't mean in the games cutscenes either,Read the box Nudity,not there for print.1 Gamer Mag 2 yrs.ago went into detail how too see the babes Topless..then i found other ways own my own..i am not a pervert,Busted a few in my job(Law Enforcement)But this game is wonderfully made (add your own music)Please;just to shut up Rodman..This Game will go down as 1 of the most played X-box games ever ,and sold. Now all you Adults ,Hurry up and by it now..Great fun.. ... Read more

5. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
list price: $49.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008DHNZ
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: Lucasarts Entertainment
Sales Rank: 1126
Average Customer Review: 3.32 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (25)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great blasting fun - especially live!
Star Wars: The Clone Wars is out for all console platforms, and lets you roam the Episode II world as Mace Windu, Obi-Wan and of course Anakin.

You start out near the end of Episode II, racing your way to the arena and then fighting off the enemy troops after the arena battle. The game continues onward, letting you control hover-tanks, Republic gun-ship, speeders, and more. In addition there are ground combat situations where you're wielding your light-saber against various enemies.

Much like the various other Star Wars games, there are a series of loosely-connected missions with main and bonus objectives on each one. You have to take out the enemy units. Escort the convoy. Destroy the main guns. The convoy shape and enemy units of the day change, but the basic tasks are the same.

That's not to say it isn't fun! Pod Racer just involved racing a pod on various tracks, and we loved that. I'm a big fan of flying combat so the variety of vehicles and situations was quite enjoyable. The graphics are quite good, with plasma bursts having a series of green rings, fire-blasts looking quite realistic and dust clouds obscuring your vision. On the vehicles you drive the guns move, the antennae sway, the wing-trails dance behind you.

Even better for XBox fans, this game goes LIVE! All of the fun you have in single-player mode is merely a training session for true live combat. Team up with friends and coordinate attacks on the enemy. You can even download new maps!

Not a complex game requiring a lot of thought, but a fun way to blast through a weekend.

2-0 out of 5 stars Good enough to rent, but not to buy
The game Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (SWAC) picks up where Star Wars Episode 2 left off - A massive battle filled with droids and clones and jedi. The story goes on from there to tell of the unearthing of a Sith artifact that could destroy the Republic.

In the game, you play as Obi Wan, Anikin, or Mace (Samuel Jackson). There are a variety of vehicles to pilot: hover tanks, land-walkers, droid tanks, speeders, and assault ships. And while all of that may sound like a lot - the game actually feels pretty constricted. Through most of the game, you're doing the same three things: straffing, firing missles, and occasionally zooming in on targets. (The exception being on 2 missions where the emphasis is on racing in your speeder, which is pretty cool).

Although the cutscenes are pretty nice, the rest of the graphics are sub-par. The sound is pretty much straight from the movie, but you'll get annoyed at hearing blasters all the time.

This game is a fun little distraction. I beat it in about two days on the medium setting - which is not a long time at all. So if you're a big Star Wars fan, check out this game at your videostore and save your money for a better game.

5-0 out of 5 stars Clone Wars beats KOTOR anyday!!
All of you who say this game sucks should shut the hell up!! I don't care if this doesn't require strategy or thought. This game rules, you get a variety of vehicles and you obliterate Count Dooku's Seperatist army. Your vehicles include: a hover-tank, a gunship, a speederbike, a reptilian creature called a Maru, and an armed walker tank. I was a little dissappointed of the fact that you can't use the AT-TE (the giant walker with six legs) in combat or the Jedi Starfighter. The motive of the game is simple, destroy all enemies!! I'm the type of person who loves these type of games, I hate RPGs. This game beats Knights of the Old Republic anyday of the week!! I don't care if KOTOR requires patience and strategy, that's what chess is for. Great job LucasArts!!

5-0 out of 5 stars Good Star Wars game!
THis is a good star wars game. Fans should buy it, but people who don't like s-wars should rent first. THe single player is good and the multiplayer is awsome! My favorite multiplayer is conquest, where you must take over factories, build an army, and destroy the opponent's base. There is also duel and many others. The graphics are superb, and the sounds are awsome.


1. good music
2. superb graphics
3. great sound
4. very good gameplay
5. multiplayer is very very fun
6. no slowdown


1. people who don't know alot about star wars should rent or stay away

Although the multiplayer is fantastic, i heard x-box live is better. i don't have live yet, but if multiplayer is this good, then this must be one of the best live games. Anyone who likes star wars should buy this game.

4-0 out of 5 stars Great Game with a few faults
This was the first game I bough for X-box, and my first ever video game. So I played it a lot when I got it,and I know what I'm talking about, so trust me on this review.

The gameplay is great. You start off in what looks like a desert, and learn the basic controls. You get to shoot about 20 different kinds of ships and get to control about ten, and you get to run around as a person. There are four worlds throughout the game, all varying very differently. Missions include following people to get places, find ships, and destroy certain boos ships. There are also mini goals for you to achieve like destroying all of a certain type of ship, or not getting any damage. You can also command ships in a fleet by simply using the lower directional pad. You can also find ship health and ammo. You can also get human health, but no ammo because your only weapons are a lightsaber.

The graphics are great, espicially on the cutscens. The ships look phenomonal abd you wonder how they got to be so detailed. The only problem is that the game freezes temporarily because it cannot process the graphics quickly. It only freezes for about three to five seconds and about once every ten minutes.

The controls are very good. The controls are the same for every ship that you control. The lower directional pad controls some other ships (only in certain missions). The A button is simple fire, which gives you unlimited ammo and not that sufficient for the strong ships. The X button gives you powerful ammo that can destroy many powerful ships instantly. The triggers let you move from left to right, and the Y button lets you zoom in. The B button is special move. The moves vary throughout ships. Like one ship is extra speed, one ship is special ammo. Special moves are limited in time. There are even different specials for different people that you control.

This game is the best shooter ever. I gave it four stars because I'm not that into shooters. I only got it because I love Star Wars. You should rent this first because I've seen bad reviews for it. ... Read more

6. WWE Raw 2
list price: $49.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008DHNY
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: THQ
Sales Rank: 916
Average Customer Review: 3.48 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (85)

2-0 out of 5 stars this game is a joke
wwe raw 2 is the most messy unrealized unpolished and generally unfinished wrestiling game out on the market in these days. while raw 2 scores with the varations of gameplay the styilish arenas and up to date wretelers and modes it lacks one very important thing. ahh what could that very important thing be you might ask. well WRESTILING. THE WRESTILING IN WWE RAW 2 IS JUST ....... all the wrestiling is unlife like clunky and not realistic whatsoever. wwe raw 2 is just too slowpaced all the moves are delivered many seconds after you execute them. the slowpaced style horrible move set and dumb ai make this game just to weak to have fun with. its all the more disappointing after playing smackdown here comes the pain. raw 2 has lots of match modes but if the actuaul wrestling sucks it dosent matter what mode your in beleive me. the season mode is just unintresting it dosent really make use of that monday night spirit of raw you get every week. and judging by the ack of bad wrestiling and poor season modes. this isnt exactly a can of whoop .... i have kind of mixed feelings about the games graphics. the wresteler animations are excellent they reallyare all realistic looking. all the wrestelers are just fantastically well done and exploding in color. but the wresteler animations dont complete the package. what i mean by that is that the arena animations are just horrible. there plain unatractive and not up to date at all. in the long run this game is poor with its awful execusion slow paced wrestiling style etc. if you have a ps2 you better not even think about getting this. the thought somebody would pay 30 dollars for a mess like this is beyond my understanding. if you have a ps2 no doubt get here comes the pain it is a lot better. and looks like a game whos company gave a damm the way it would look.

5-0 out of 5 stars ALMOST PERFECT
Everything in the game was perfect!!!! On the next raw game you game creator people you should have a choice for if you wanted to be the general manager of raw so they make the matches!! If that happened that would make it perfect and it would definately sell more!!!!!!!! Anyway it was a good game just do what I said PLEASE!!!!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars wwe raw the best wrestling game

4-0 out of 5 stars Still Alittle more room to improve
After playing this game, I felt that it is definitely an improvement over the first "RAW" title on XBOX. However, there could still be a little more improvement made to enhance the game. The good part of the game: more wrestlers, you can find most of the wrestlers wrestling in this time to be in the game and the good thing is you can edit their costume to update them. GREAT GREAT CAW mode, RAW 1's create a wrestler mode was definitely lacking, you creat big ugly looking wrestlers that just look like real wreslter wresling a doll, in this model NO MORE, you can upload your own music and make your own Titantron, although in that field it was still a tiny bit lacking because there is only certain moves you can show in the titantron. Moves: there were alot new moves added, and even if you are creating a wrestlers whose move is not in the selection, you can probably find something like it. Now the downside, there are still UGLY UGLY models of wrestlers in the game. Triple H was ugly in RAW 1, they have fixed that problem but if you look at the noses of Billy Kidman and Goldberg in this game you would think Triple H in RAW 1 model was actually detailed. Lack of variety of matches: RAW 2 definitely has more types of matches than RAW 1 where it was either Pin only, submission only, and hardcore, but RAW 2 still just stuck with the most basic of basics of matches (table, ladder, tlc, hell in a cell, cage, handicap, battle royal, and royal rumble) they did not come up with anything creative like Smack Down did. Stupid AI: sometimes computer gives you a good match, other times computer stands around and look at you, other times when you almost beat the opponent they charge at you with rampage of attacks that will keep you down, other times they just pin you OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER AGAIN! Ladder Matches are also very difficult to win (TAP LIKE CRAZY!)Sound: there still isnt any commentary, the annoying music in the back is irritating, and the wrestlers somewhat sound alike. Storyline: there basically isnt a story line, the part where it says wrestlers personalities tells it all, you find ones with opposite personalities and it is real hard to challenge someone to a match right off the top. Overall, this still brings the thrill of a wrestling game, but it is still lacking in some fields, but it still cuts it if you are just playing matches not trying to discover features.

Graphics: 7.5
Sound: 7.0
Gameplay: 9.0
Storyline: (not much storyline so Ima skip this catagory)
Replay Value: 9.0
Overall: 8.125

4-0 out of 5 stars Not that bad!!!
C'mon guys, this game isn't that bad. Sure, Smackdown kicks its ass, but still its better the Wrestlemania, give that much credit. The graphics could be better, but they arent horrific, and the souund and match-types aren't bad either. If you have a Ps2, get Smackdown, but if you have an X-Box and settle for it, you can rent raw 2 first. Rent it before buying! Wrestlemania gets old and boring, however Day of REckoning is gunna be kick-ass, even though Smackdown 6 will whip their ass again!!! ... Read more

7. Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes
list price: $49.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008G886
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: Atari
Sales Rank: 946
Average Customer Review: 4.08 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (37)

3-0 out of 5 stars Fun, but falls short on character and plot.
In a nutshell, it's AD&D wiggled into the Gauntlet package.

Good multiplayer game if you've several friends with 3-5 days of free time.
Also fun as a single player game.
Lots of powers to buy up and further diversify each character.

Despite the diversity of skills/powers that can be bought up, it all boils down to "look at my new trick for doing/avoiding damage."
Linear gameplay with no means of exploring or jumping ahead.
Gets repetitive fast.
Low replay value.

Finish the game in 3-4 days of solid playing.
Zero character development. Total hack n' slash.
There is no actual story/plot beyond "go kill X again." Yawn.
Mini-adventures/quests are equally linear and inconsequential. Double yawn.
Standing around aimlessly while waiting to heal up.
Backstory is so ridiculous as to be laughable.*

* The backstory has the four heroes killing the Bad Guy centuries ago. But as the Bad Guy is dying in this fight, he gets off a spell that 1) kills all the characters and 2) destroys their weapons by shattering their magic into 20 shards which are then dispersed to multiple planes of existence. Hello? If the guy is so powerful as to be able to cast something like that as he's dying, why didn't he do that right when the heroes walked through the door? It's just outright bad story.

So while the game is entertaining most of the time (the first time through), it becomes tedious in places and won't be one that you go back and play time and time again. Lack of any plot/story makes it a combat-only game rather than an engaging epic, which is the heart of the AD&D gaming system.

I'll be selling my copy after I've loaned it to some friends to play.

4-0 out of 5 stars Pretty good waste of MY time
I played the demo from Xbox mag and liked this right off the bat.
As for the actual game I played, sorry to say I can't 100% agree with other assessments of the graphics. The water and fire is what catches your eye but the boxy (classic D&D) style dungeons made me drop my rating a step.

Monsters: Are pretty much slightly modified repicas per level. ie some skeletons are archers, some are fighters and some more like rogues. This makes for modified tactics on your part.

Bosses: Pretty easy to figure out. Even the Final Boss isn't that bad.

Story line: YES it is weak but I don't see these whiners making games for Atari. The story line forces you to follow one path to your goal but you can always go back to past places to rack up a few XP or gold.

I played all 4 characters and found it pretty much fun each time.

Bad: It should have allowed you to add players in a single player mode if you already finished the game with other characters. ie If I already finished with the fighter, when I play with the Rogue, I should be able to add the fighter to my party as a NPC and so on.

I had fun and so should you.

3-0 out of 5 stars A Disappointing Diablo Clone
I need to preface this with saying that I love D&D, and I love fighting through dungeons. Any game that lets you set the character's armor and weapons makes me happy.

I really liked D&DH when I started playing it, but it became repetitive after the first few hours. I finished it, but quickly traded it in. Read on for the reasons why...

You are one of a band of heroes raised from the dead to fight an evil warrior you defeated years before. His power is legendary, and it is believed that only you (and your friends, if you are playing multiplayer) can defeat this undead hellion. He has, of course, unleashed a pride of monsters upon the various worlds you must travel to find his lair.

The characters in this game are good, keeping in tune with traditional D&D classes. I played through as the human Warrior (I mean ''Fighter''), my hack-'n'-slash favorite. You can also choose from Rogue, Wizard, or Cleric. Other than the players, the NPCs are well animated, but their character development is pretty two-dimensional.

Bad Guys, Monsters, and [SPOILER]s, Oh My!
Ok, I won't spoil my favorite part of the game for you. Let me just say that some of the monsters that appeared brought back some great PC/earlier console memories. There's nothing better than beating a monster easily that has kicked your backside before, and there is plenty of this in this game. The monsters are well animated, and have decent sound effects. It would be nice if there was additional variation within levels (rather than just among levels), but overall there are is a wide variety to kill.

In other graphic/sound areas: The NPC voices are good, and well cast. The animations for fighting and spell casting are nice, but are not unique to D&DH.

Will This Gather Dust?
I traded it in after finishing it in one week, so it might be gathering dust at the store -- I don't know! I have absolutely no desire to play it again, because the repetitive hacking and slashing became tiresome the FIRST time through. Only about 20 hours worth of playing time, but I only played through as the Fighter (thank goodness)! There is nothing new in this game, but that may not be a bad thing, depending on your taste...

Overall Recommendation:
If you like Diablo, you'll like this.
If you liked playing earlier D&D games, you'll like this.
If you like pushing one button to attack and another, occasionally, to use a health potion, you'll like this.

4-0 out of 5 stars 20 hours of fun
This game, while worth the 20 hours my brother and I spent on it disappointed us in the end. Perhaps if we had played on the toughest skill level it would have been more challenging. The objective was reached without much trouble in a "hack and slash" style. Disappointing ending for a pretty good game.

5-0 out of 5 stars ok, but needs some work...
this gamer was great except for on multy player when you walk away from each other it zoomes out so far you can't see any action. And another down drop in it is that the characters can only use their appointed weapon. the warrior can only use sword weapons. the rogue can only use daggers, the wizard, staff weapons, and the dwarf, hammers and ax's. so really if you like having a selection of weapons with any tupe of character, this RPG is not for you. ... Read more

8. The Simpsons: Hit and Run
list price: $49.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000095ZGZ
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: Vivendi Universal
Sales Rank: 492
Average Customer Review: 3.97 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Features over 30 of your favorite Simpsons characters
  • Huge levels with over 100 Springfield landmarks
  • Brave jam-packed routes and time-saving short-cuts
  • Compete for passengers in 2-player split-screen action
  • For 1 or 2 players

Reviews (31)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Game that all ages can enjoy
Talk about a game that is perfect in just about every day! The Simpsons Hit and Run gives you puzzle games, racing, quests, and an amazingly fun plot!

Yes, the game is based on the famous Grand Theft Auto - Vice City. You can leap into cars, drive them all around HUGE maps, and explore the world in amazing detail. But that is only the beginning. The levels are based on the Simpsons show and every building, landmark and character you pass are immediately recognizable!

You get to play as a variety of characters - Bart, Homer, Lisa, Marge and even Apu. You get to earn various outfits for each person. There are the main quests, tons of subquests, and hidden secrets everywhere. The graphics are superb, and the sounds are PERFECT. The real writers from the show wrote the plots, the real actors supplied the voices. You feel like you're right in the middle of a multi-hour episode series and you'll find yourself laughing out loud at the lines!

Yes, you can 'run over' people, but it just knocks them off the road where they wave their fist at you. You're also penalized for doing that, so it's in your best interest to stay on the road and achieve the objectives set out for you. The whole plot ties in together in a great way, and you can always go back to the levels and replay them to aim for 100%.

Highly recommended! This is definitely a game we eagerly played through from start to finish, then kept playing to track down all those secrets.

5-0 out of 5 stars My opinion as both a diehard Simpsons fan and an avid gamer
Being both a diehard Simpsons fan and an avid gamer, I am very confident in saying that this game finally breaks the mold of bad, generic Simpsons video games. The game is extremely fun. You run around as various characters in a handful of well-rendered 3D environments straight from the show. Like Simpsons Road Rage, the little remarks from the characters are hysterical. However, getting out and running around makes this game much more exciting than Road Rage. It is mission based, with plenty of minigames and bonus stuff everywhere to keep us Simpsons fanatics happy. In fact, my favorite feature in the game is the little things here and there that only diehard fans would recognize. Like Frostillicus' frozen body as an attraction at the Kwik-E-Mart, or the tiki god that Homer ran the oven gas to that sits in the backyard of the Simpsons home. As well as Bart's treehouse, and the Flanders' "Shelterini" in their backyard.

I have been an extreme Simpsons fanatic for quite some time. I have all of the toys, I have seen every episode at least three times over, and I have played all of the games. I think it is safe to say this is definitely the best Simpsons game yet. Yes, the old 90s arcade game ruled, but this 3D game is on a different level. I would compare it a little to Grand Theft Auto III, without the violence, and with much better graphics. However I think it's more like the Super Mario World launch game that came out when Gamecube hit the market. It's very similiar, with the 3D worlds, free roaming capabilities, missions you get by talking to people, and of course collecting coins.


3-0 out of 5 stars One Word: Addictive
This is a great game for all ages. It is challenging, making it very addictive. I couldn't put this game down since I got it! However, I did get sick of it, and the levels can be very repetitive. The 3-D effects are average as well.

Compared to Road Rage--make sure you read my review on that game too, by the way--this game is gold. Unlike Road Rage (another Simpsons game), this game is more challenging, and you are capable of a wider range of places to drive to. Also, you don't only get to drive, but you can walk around Springfield as well! And if that's not enough for you, there are over 30 different vehicles to choose from by the end of the game.

In summary, this is a very addictive game that can be challenging at times, however you get bored of it after a while. The 3-D effects are average, but you are able to drive and walk through the whole city of Springfield. You don't really have to be a Simpsons fan to own this game, however the game is much more fun if you are one. This video game isn't a must-have, but it is entertaining.

5-0 out of 5 stars Addictive, Funny and With Great 3-D Graphics!
My partner and I treated ourselves to an X-Box last Christmas, and, being Simpsons fans and seeing the cool-looking commercials for this game, bought THE SIMPSONS: HIT AND RUN as one of our first games. So far, this is still the only X-Box game I've played. I just went back to playing it after an absence of three months, and I couldn't put it down for SEVEN hours! I love the missions, plus the bonus races that win you extra vehicles for your use. I love running over things for coins, which you can collect and use to buy vehicles, wardrobe changes, etc! Of course, there is plenty of exploring of sights, sounds and other numerous gags within each level that adds to your experience. I love the alternating of characters you play. You start out as Homer in the first level, switch to Bart in the second and then to Lisa in the third. (That's where I'm up to as of this writing!) I love the irreverently funny tone of the game, just like the TV show. Let's face it, this game is *a lot* of fun!

The first missions are not easy, and they get more difficult as you go along. Right now, I'm stuck on the one where you have to knock 15 slabs of 'flatmeat' (roadkill) out of Cletus' pickup truck by repeatedly slamming into him. It may not sound hard, but you have to do all this within a two-minute period! The graphics on X-Box are extremely sharp, and it is an absolute joy to play. Eventually, I will get around to playing ENTER THE MATRIX, THE NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND, PROJECT GOTHAM, STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS and THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING which we also have. No question about it, THE SIMPSONS HIT AND RUN gives you a lot of gameplaying hours, and is even more fun than watching the TV show! [Warning: May Result in Calloused Thumbs!]


4-0 out of 5 stars one of the best simpsons games.
its like gta but with the simpsons.

which is a good thing ... Read more

9. Moto GP 2
list price: $49.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008VFBS
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: THQ
Sales Rank: 3748
Average Customer Review: 4.29 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (7)

5-0 out of 5 stars You're missing a lot if you have the PS2/Namco
I've only owned the PS2, as Gran Turismo is the family video game since the PS1. Being a moto nut, I got Namco's MotoGP2 and 3, and while they're better than nothing, I kept wishing they could've been more like SBK2001 for PC.

I was aware that Moto GP for the Xbox had gotten rave reviews, but there was no way I was going to spend $300 for another console, so I tried to ignore its existence. I couldn't help read the reviews anyway, but they're pretty generic and avoid comparisons between the Xbox and PS2 games (don't want to bite the hands that feed). The few remarks I could find on the net that directly compare the games were brief, and sounded like the usual console partisanship. Anyway, my curiosity (and the $179 price) got the better of me and I finally got an Xbox just for Moto Gp 2.

I realize now why the comparisons are so brief: there's no comparison.

All the best stuff from SBK2001 is there, with better graphics, sound and control. The common thread between Moto GP 2 and SBK2001: Climax developers (THQ is the publisher). There seem to be some serious moto fans in the company, and the result is a real joy to anyone who has any interest in bikes (or an appreciation for apexes). You really have to hand it to Climax--they've managed to create a game that is true to the sport and is also very accessible to the unfamiliar.

At first, I was reluctant to learn a new controller setup for the Xbox game, but I can't imagine playing Namco's game ever again. At identical prices, the Xbox is a steal compared to the PS2, if Climax's Moto GP 2 is any indication of the quality of Xbox titles.

5-0 out of 5 stars One of the best racing games I've played
That says a lot since I am not really into motorcycle games. The graphics on this game are absolutely breathtaking and if you are an Xbox apologist then you need to shown this game to all those PS2 philes who think that their console is superior. The fluidity of the graphics and gameplay is really impressive in this game. Try playing this game in the rain and you can see raindrops on the screen that look so real and the water on the track has such a realistic reflection. This game is a winner.

4-0 out of 5 stars Perhaps TOO realistic
Very realistic recreation of 500cc GP racing. The drawback, perhaps the ONLY drawback, is the steep learning curve for the gamer. It takes a LOT of practice to master riding these bikes competitively. While acknowledging that this is true in real life as well, I found that my real-life motorcycling skills were relatively useless in learning to keep the bike on the virtual track.

I might have found it easier had I had a motorcycle controller, the way some racing gamers have steering wheels and pedals, but I haven't seen those and likely wouldn't invest in them just for one game. Also, they'd have to incorporate 'countersteering' to make it truly realistic. That would be a challenge -- then again, everything else about this game is truly realistic.

The level of visual, audio and tactile realism that the programmers have put into this game is astounding. I can't imagine a more realistic recreation of those aspects of GP racing. If you can overcome the steep learning curve of controlling the bikes, you will love this game.

4-0 out of 5 stars Brandon Stanway's review of moto gp 2
Moto gp 2 for the xbox is one of the best games in it's genre and I will tell you why. First off the gameplay is great, you can customize everything like the weather and even your bike in almost every way possible including any color imaginable, different pattern disigns so you will be stylin on the track, oh ya you can also costomize your biker and so on. This game is also very fun like if you hit another racer hard anough you and your apponent will go flying off your bikes in amazing detail and if you bump into someone they will shake their fist at you. There are a few good gameplay modes to including quick race,career mode,stunt mode and multyplayer mode OH!! wait it's also xbox live compatible which is great. But there is only one thing abour the gameplay that is not completely thrilling is that it is very hard even on easy but that's not a real big deal.

Next I want to tell you about the graphics in this game, they are amazing absolutely amazing, Completely realistic 360 degree amazement. Smooth textures add to the realism to but I won't go into to much detail this early in the morning yawn!!.
The sound moto gp2 is good but lacking detail but the sound in this game won't even get a seconds thought once your on the road.
Thank you for reading my review I hope you have found it somewhat helpful.

3-0 out of 5 stars good enough but . . .
The sense of speed is great, but you will either love or hate the "realistic" steering. There is no arcade steering option so you will have to make carefully plotted turns and adjust your bike's engine to win races. But more importantly, the graphics are a bit plain, with lots of stuff in the far distant background of the track. The bike models look great but you won't see much of them on the track after the first lap. You are basically driving for the best time, with the other bikers in front or behind you in the distance. It makes for a somewhat sterile racing experience. ... Read more

10. Midtown Madness 3
list price: $49.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000086JXB
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: Microsoft
Sales Rank: 1116
Average Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (30)

5-0 out of 5 stars BEST RACING GAME EVER!
This game features career mode missions in two HUGE citys: Paris, D.C. You drive in more than 50 missions, which are broke into 14 driving careers. The careers include a Pizza deliverer,taxi driver,secret agent,limousine driver,and many more.
Multiplayer is awesome in this game. You can chose from over 30 cars (which some you have to earn). There are three types of multiplayer games Checkpoint,Cruise,and Blitz. Cruise is my favorite, its where you get to crash EVERYTHING in the city and go off awesome ramps(if you can find them).
Overall I think this is the best racing game! BUY IT NOW!

5-0 out of 5 stars now THIS is a very fun game!
Usually in a driving game, it's just you going against some un named AI drivers, no real plot, and no sense of humor whatsoever. Not to mention some make believe tracks and stuff...

Not in this game my friend! In addition to the "normal" checkpoint racing, the real fun is when you take an undercover job as a pizza delievery driver, limo driver, taxi driver, a police man...and the cars you fet to unlock, like a DC Metro Bus (!) the humor in this game is outstanding--you can deal with the French, a pair of Norweigan race fans, an italian mobster, sme famous European race car driver, etc. Even in crusie mode, you can simply hop in and drive down to the White House, Capitol ill, and give your least favorite windbags a virtual piece of your mind.

During the Limo race in Paris, I found myselft yelling back at my 2 passengers to shut the bleep up--really! And the live play is just too good for words, you have to see and kay it to understand. I rate this higher than MC II, because MM3 doesn't deform your hands and fingers with some stupid control layout. Just guess which one I'm buying?

4-0 out of 5 stars Great Diversion
There's little left to the imagination with the Midtown Madness series. Released in its first two incarnations on PC only, the games were already well-known for their original, free-roaming style of gameplay, their wide selection of real world automobiles and their revolutionary use of online play. This was one of the earliest games to allow players to leave the pre-set race tracks and obstacle courses to explore an entire virtual world on wheels, complete with working traffic systems, interesting jumps and stunts, and pedestrians. I'm surprised it took the series this long to make the transition from home computer to consoles, but the third chapter in the ongoing series was worth the wait. It's a vast improvement over chapters one and two in every area, and though it does have its faults, I'd consider it to be one of the Xbox's strongest original titles.

The storylines themselves are, honestly, very overwhelming and incredibly cheesy, but that slowly becomes part of their appeal. Every single character you interact with is a crazy, super-exaggerated parody of some sort of culture, be it French, American or anything in between, and the voice acting reflects that more than anything else. The unifying sense of humor between all the different stories is a bit too cartoony for my taste, but occasionally delivers a good laugh or two. If you're looking for a game with the realism, grit, grime and atmosphere of Grand Theft Auto, you better move along because this ain't it. If you've got your eye out for a squeaky clean, sometimes amusing, lighthearted adventure that won't lose you any sleep at night, this is your ticket.

The controls employ your standard racing setup, basking in the glow of the strengths of Microsoft's controller design. The triggers are your gas and reverse, respectively, and are pressure-sensitive which makes all the difference when you're trying to set the proper speed for taking a turn or lightly brake before pulling a fancy Hollywood U-turn. Both the left analog stick and the D-Pad can be used to steer, but you're out of your mind if you use the D-Pad. Unlike Sony's classic dual analog, Microsoft's S-Controller was born to handle racing titles, and my hands never cramped or suffered throughout my experiences behind the wheel of MM3 (which is something i most certainly CAN'T say about my marathon sessions with Gran Turismo 3.) Even the extra "click" functions of the Box's two analog sticks come into play here, and clicking the right stick will bring up a translucent full-screen map of the city and your location, overlaying the game screen itself which is still in motion. It really gives the feeling of keeping one eye on the road while you quickly check the map in your passenger seat, and often leads to similar results. I've driven headfirst into some nasty situations because of this map, and I love it that way. Very nicely done.

Though not particularly original, the graphics of MM3 are still quite a sight to behold, and deserve special mention without a doubt. There's a nice visual theme running between the cutscenes, (which are few and far between) the loading screens, the main menu and the in-game HUD, and the car / building models themselves are fan-freaking-tastic. There's no question in my mind they were setting out to flex the Box's muscles in a big way with this one (thus the inclusion of both 480p High Definition and Dolby Digital 5.1 support) and in this regard they were quite successful. While I won't go so far as to claim the vehicles or environments trump those seen in the previously mentioned Project Gotham 2 or Gran Turismo titles, they do give both a healthy bit of competition. The sheer visual interactivity of tiny elements of the scenery especially caught my attention.

Almost as an afterthought, the sound is also an impressive example of what the Box can do when it really sets its mind to it. The use of Dolby Surround is more effective than you'll give credit for at first, sending the sound of squeeling tires, angry horns, screaming pedestrians and scattering change from one side of the room to the other as you wildly spin the wheel. There's no doubt in my mind that this is an example of some of the best use of ambient noise in a video game, and it aids the entire package immensely. The in-game music is nothing worth remembering, no doubt, but never really gets in the way and is negated due to the inclusion of custom soundtracks. There's really no excuse for a racing game to ship on the box WITHOUT this feature, since even the greatest tunes can get old after an hour of solid racing, but it's noteworthy all the same.

All in all, this is a game I'm happy to have in my collection. It didn't force my jaw to the floor in utter disbelief when I first caught a glimpse of the visuals, it didn't blow me away with unique, revolutionary new gameplay methods or stun me with a totally original concept. Put plainly, it is what it is; a solid, straightforward adventure game mixed with a solid, straightforward driving game. The single player story mode isn't anything to write home about, but I can't think of a time at any point in the future where I'll grow tired of playing the online modes and trying to erase my old land speed records offline. This is a great example of a game that never takes itself too seriously and is meant as a diversion, a way to kill a couple hours with pure, unadulterated fun. It isn't perfect, but it's good enough. I'd recommend a purchase without a second thought if you're Live-Enabled yourself.

5-0 out of 5 stars GREAT GAME, DUMB GAMERS
This game is the best Race Car game there is. You don't
have to like race car games to enjoy this. You don't even
have to race if you don't want to but you can. People, rate

Best Racing Game, Period
If you like racing games this is without a doubt a must have game. If you dont like racing games, still give mm3 a chance. It totally different from any racing game I have ever played. Instead of driving around a boring circle thousands of times, you get to drive through 2 very detaild cities. Paris and Washington DC. See main attractions like the eifel tower, the Louve, the white house, the capitol building the lincoln memorial and many others. Cruise on the streets following all traffic laws or wreck the whole city. Run from the police through soccer feilds and lawns. at the beginning you start out with trashy cars, but as you win races and complete jobs Like delevering pizzas the fastest, or getting a man in a limo to his wedding on time, you get awesome cars and other vehicles. Some of the things you can get are an 18 wheeler, a garbage truck, a cement mixer, a safe truck. Some of the cars are a volswagen beetle a chevy corvette a audi tt and dodge viper there are 2 awesome cars that I havent unlocked yet. The game has tons of replay value You can cruise the streets with a freind and look for new paint jobs for all your cars. If you have xbox live you can play people all over the world.

I paid fifty dollars for this game when it first came out, and it was well worth it. For twenty bucks, your ripping off. GET THIS GAME NOW!!!!!!!!! ... Read more

11. Midnight Club II
list price: $49.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008G948
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Sales Rank: 1741
Average Customer Review: 4.15 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

Midnight Club II builds on the illegal street racing fun found in the PS2 launch title Midnight Club. Like that game it pits you against street toughs in non-linear street races, all for bragging rights and access to better and more sophisticated rides. New in Midnight Club II are the police and the ability to drive a motorcycle.

The game begins with you in the charge of a slob named Moses. He acts as tutor, teaching you how to control your beater car and how to use power-ups, as well as offering overall moral support. He teaches you how to go about the business of the game: earning new gear such as Nitrous Oxide, new cars, and even new controls. The award of new controls later in the game show how you're a novice driver at the start but by the end you're a pro who can land on all four wheels after a jump, expertly control a power slide turn, and much, much more.

Much of the game consists of cruising around three large and well rendered cities: Paris, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. You don't just challenge someone to a race or sign up for an event and show up. Instead you get a map and have to follow a red dot. The dot is a rival racer. Once you track and chase him down, you flash your high beams and then you can race him. It's a clever way of giving you a warm up, keeping you immersed in the game, and best of all, teaching you the layout of each city.

Racing is fun, fast, and furious. This isn't a simulation, it's an arcade-style racer--but the physics system is internally consistent so it feels more "realistic" than it actually is. Rockstar has put a premium on keeping you in control, keeping the thrill-factor high, and giving you a heart stopping sense of speed. The graphics are fantastic and the cities are incredibly detailed. As a counter-point, the voice acting is just plain awful.

Midnight Club II offers a wide range of game modes ensuring it will be playable for a long time to come: career, mission, and a mode that lets you just jump into a race. Multiplayer is possible in hotseat mode, but it also supports Internet play. Internet lag is bad over dial-up modem (PS2), but broadband players (Xbox Live or PS2) will find the game silky smooth. All of this makes Midnight Club II a great addition to any videogame racing fan's library, but a must for online fans.--Bob Andrews


  • Great physics, intense action
  • Excellent graphics
  • Plenty of game modes, including broadband multiplayer
  • Poor voice acting
... Read more

Reviews (33)

4-0 out of 5 stars great game
This game is a great game because of the live experiance, but without live it would not be so good. On live you can cruise the city, circuit race, and play a destruction game and other things. The graphics look to PS2 and are not to nice. Also there are no licensed cars, but they still look cool. The menu screen is very difficult to find all of your options. I also have midtown madness 3 and it is much better because of the graphics and more online options and licensed cars. But Midnight Club 2 also has three cities including Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Paris. There are alot of nice jumps on this game which make it alot of fun. The option of riding motor bikes make the game alot better. I would recomend you getting this game if you like raceing games.

5-0 out of 5 stars BEST RACING GAME THERE IS!!!
First off, let me say that this game is awesome. But by now, almost every thing Rockstar Games makes is cool. Oni, Smuggler's Run 1 and 2, Grand Theft Auto 3 and 4, and Midnight Club 2 are great games. Ok, now to Fun Factor. This game is very addicting and fun. The cars are fast and driving is realistic. Now, Graphics. These graphics are very smooth, the cars have realistic textures, and the characters like Moses look very good. Now,Sound. The in game music is cool, you can listen to the radio while you cruise Los Angeles, Paris, or Tokyo, just like you can in Grand Theft Auto. The commercial theme song is sweet, too. Last, Controls. The controls are easy, A is gas, Y is change camera angle, Left thumbstick to steer, press left thumbstick to change lighting, right thumbstick back to shift into reverse, and press right thumbstick to brake. Overrall, This game is : Fun Factor:10/10 Graphics: 10/10 Sound: 10/10 Controols: 10/10 Overrall: 10/10 Overrall, this game is great, and Rockstar Games should be very proud of it.

4-0 out of 5 stars Ho-hum graphics, tough races, but fun nonetheless
Midnight Club II is a decent but unspectacular racer that is pretty tough but fun if you have the patience to stick it out.

The game obviously has its origins in Rockstar's "Grand Theft Auto III". Everything from the feel of the cars to the look of the city and the behavior of the pedestrians can be traced to that game. MCII obviously adds lots of bells and whistles to the basic driving controls. You have nitrous boosts, can control the balance of the car in mid-air, and can earn "slipstream turbo" by drafting behind other cars until a meter fills up and turns red.

The cityscapes are great, with nice recreations of L.A., Paris and Tokyo. There are tons of hidden alleys, jumps, parking garages, and shopping malls to explore.

The cars are mediocre. You won't find actual Acuras or Ferraris here. Instead, the game gives us cars loosely modeled on actual vehicles. The models are okay, but are not as polished as, say, Burnout 2, another game with fictitious cars.

The actual racing is pretty fun, though. Most involve having to hit a series of checkpoints scattered throughout the city. There is lots of room for finding your own path, taking advantage of the aforementioned alleys, ramps and passages.

However, the game is pretty tough. I found I probably have to replay each race about 10 times before winning. Also, in each race you basically have to come in first. There is no bronze medal for placing third, you'll have to start over. Basically it is impossible to win a race on your first time out, as you can do in Project Gotham 2 and Burnout 2. The difficulty may be one of the game's biggest drawbacks. In fact, when I first got it, I eventually just quit because I wasn't having any fun doing the same race over and over. But recently I picked it up again and have been having quite a bit of fun trying to figure out the best routes, even if it does take a dozen tries.

In short, I would dock this game one star for the bad graphics, and one star for the difficulty, but give back one star now that the price has come down. Gamers who like casual driving games should definitely consider picking this up.

4-0 out of 5 stars Great game for a great price!
Midnight Club II is well named, as you drive in darkness. At first, this is very intimidating, but it is changeable (you can drive at midnight, dawn, or sunset). The cars are nice and the response time is very fast. I just wish there was a better selection of well-known cars. The controls are easy to adapt to. However, the game was very difficult for me, as I found myself racing a certain track 20-30 times before I would beat it (and I am an avid racing game fan). But if you love a challenge, and a game with lots of hidden goodies and shortcuts, this might be for you!

3-0 out of 5 stars A little to over the top...
If you like arcade style racing, then this is your game, if you like something closer to a sim., stay away from this title. I would recommend Need for speed underground. This game misses the mark for long term playability as mentioned by a different reviewer. ... Read more

12. Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War
list price: $49.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000087L4G
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: Activision
Sales Rank: 1951
Average Customer Review: 4.11 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (53)

5-0 out of 5 stars Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner!
Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War is everything Medal of Honor for Xbox should have been and much, much more. The presentation is suburb and the graphics are so sharp you should be careful not to cut yourself. I suppose a person could get into all the subtle details about this and that but the bottom line is if you're looking for a first person shooter that moves fast and furious and finds that perfect balance between run and gun action and an entertaining plot, Wolfenstein is it in spades! Each level slips you deeper and deeper into a creepy world of Nazi mutant zombie experimentation and into the bowels of a Third Reich hell on Earth. And it's your job to stop them before they stop you! The "wow" factor of this stunner can be found on all fronts, from it's beautifully rendered world and characters, with lighting effects to drool for. The throbbing theme music is spot on and the great voice acting rings the life out of the nifty story line. The levels and game play are deep, well designed and executed, which will most certainly keep you coming back for more. Tides of War is a mighty romp, well deserving of not only 5 stars but also a medal for gaming valor.

5-0 out of 5 stars Return of the classic...
I got this game 2 days before the release date. I played it before on PC so I didn't really expect anything new. In fact I only bought it for cooperative multiplayer mode (split screen). It was a nice surprise straight out of the box. Not only you get additional levels (beggining only), new weapons but AI is really impressive to. This game really forces you to rethink your strategies. Stealth is really more important than both guns blazing open approach. Yes it's a still good fashioned first person shooter. Yes you still get to fire big guns. You just have to think and rationalize many times if it's worth to shoot the guy or just use stealth to stab him. Now pros and cons of the game.

Lets start with pros:
- multiplayer mode: both for xbox live and cooperative on the single unit. I'm sick and tired of competing against my friends. Usually one who wins is one who has the most amount of hours behind the controller. In cooperative mode both of you can work together and since most likely you sit next to each other calling out moves, shots and pick ups makes it fun.
- extra levels. I knew that some of them will overlap what I had on the pc but extra levels right off the bat was really nice. Levels are well constructed so the flow of the original game was not interrupted.
- weapons. Real performance and realistic sound effects. Firing in small room changes the way that weapon sounds. Reloading is crucial and since you don't really get that much ammo you really have to be careful. New weapon: shotgun. Good ol' American pump action 12 gauge is a perfect cure for them pesty Nazis.
-controls. Straight out of the box, natural for any gamer (very intuitive).
-special items. I mean it's a good thing that they are there but in the end I happened to very rarely use them. But that's maybe I finished this game once (PC) without them so I didn't see where would they fit.
-AI. Enemy is well conditioned, they listen and attack the right way. Yes every now and than one of the soldiers make a dumb move but hey they are grunts, not all that bright.
-Bonus game. After you finish playing the one player game you will get a full original Wolf 3D. How cool is that?

And cons:
-Graphics. Don't get me wrong they are good but not as good and clear as halo or pc version of Wolf. I guess since environment is so intense some of the details had to be sacrificed.
-Automatic load function. Lets say you run out of ammo and than pick up some. Last weapon you used will be loaded. But if you picked up just 4 or 5 rounds and your last weapon was a machine gun it doesn't do me any good. I will not really hit much due to poor rifle accuracy. I would have much rather have the pistol loaded.
-Difficulty level. Sometimes it feels like that just by running around you get stuff done. I mean setting a higher difficulty level will generate more enemies and will make it hard to kill them but the basic idea to find and pull the switch is the same.
-Super natural element. Aliens, zombies and robots really have no place in WWII based game. That's just my opinion. But on the positive note it adds variety.
-weapon scrolling. With full arsenal it's a pain to get to your favorite weapon.
-no saves in cooperative split screen mode!! That's just plainly wrong. Of course once you finish the game in single player mode you have access to all the levels anyway.

In the end it's a good game. Maybe not as good as Halo, little different than Medal of Honor but quite fun. Multiplayer for Xbox life is excellent gives this game a high play value. I can see my self already replaying certain missions over and over again. I think I played the Airfield assault like 10 times. It's just pure fun.

4-0 out of 5 stars Solid Game for the x box
a little too complicated at times inside the castle with all the dim lights, but eh, its staregy in which im not used to.

graphics- 4/5

gameplay- 3/5

configuration 3/5

replay- 4/5

scenary- 3/5

overall- solid 4/5 (must-buy for any WWII or medal of honor fans!!!)

4-0 out of 5 stars WWII with zombies
I first got this game for the ps2. Dont buy this game for the ps2. So after i sold the ps2 version I dicided to pick up the xbox vesion. After reading some other revies on this game I seem to find every one is relating it to halo. Why, Halo is like the god of all fps. Nothing can beat halo except halo2. now that we have that out of the way we can get to the game. Basicly looks like Medal of Honor. A game with far more realistic plot. But wait this game supports online play. I do belive that that my friends is a first for the xbox. YAY, WWII online. I love killing Nazis from the comfort of my own coutch(I know i spelt it wrong). So over all is is a fun experience. But if you can get a better game than that I would encurage you to play it. I mean I am not telling to buy this game that is wrong. But it is still good.

Regarded by most as the 'daddy' of first person shooters, id software's Wolfenstein predated Doom and saw you shooting Nazis in a basic 3D castle rather than fantastical monsters somewhere near hell. Coming to Xbox some 18 months after it 'returned' to the PC, and set during WWII, 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein Tides of War' sees you playing as B.J. Blazkowicz, a US Army Ranger recruited by the OSA as a specialist in covert operations, heavy weapons and assassination. Hitler's right-hand-man Heinrich Himmler was supposedly set the task of combining science, high technology and the occult in order to give the third Reich the edge and help them win the war by annihilating the allies with the assistance of a breed of 'uber soldats' that's: 'weirdo mutant cyber soldiers of various types' to you and me.
The weapons are a rather good selection, familiar real WWII guns and rifles (things like the Colt .45, Luger, MP40 & Thompson submachine guns). My personal favourite is the paratrooper rifle, with its automatic fire and scope it makes a good jack-of-all-trades weapon in tight moments. Being an id game, you naturally get some sci-fi guns too, an amazingly devastating chain gun called the Venom, and a lightning gun - the flamethrower is the only thing that's more spectacular to use when surrounded by enemies.

So often the way the enemies behave makes or breaks a first person shooter, and Wolfy's AI is rather good. They'll react to being hit in specific bodily areas, back off if wounded and even seem to try and outflank you if the play area will permit it. The animation is a bit of a mixture though, with soldiers seeming to sometimes flit around more like flies than humans. A slightly too-bossy auto aim helps beginners but needs to be turned off by experienced players as soon as possible, as it aims for the main bulk of the body in far too forceful a way. The wicked AI of enemy snipers means that they'll soon get a bead on you from long range, and even duck if you spot them and return fire. Coupled to Wolfy's excellent sound and feeling of being hit by a bullet, it all makes for some seriously tense, tactical shootouts. Although Wolfy can be tough at times (especially when you reach the occasional what initially appear to be invincible 'boss' enemies), the four difficulty settings ('Can I Play Daddy?' 'Don't Hurt Me', 'Bring 'Em On' and 'I Am Death Incarnate') mean that shooters of all abilities should be able to see then end of the excellent campaign mode. But the single player campaign and excellent Halo-style cooperative split screen modes are only a couple of Wolfy's bowstrings.

I have to say that I think that it just about edges out Ghost Recon and even Moto GP to become the best 'Live' game yet - and coming from a racing gameaholic like me that's praise indeed. Games were plentiful and easy to join, and mostly supposed to take the form of squad Vs squad (Axis Vs Allies, there are 4 game types), but too often disintegrated into all-out war due to 'friendly fire' incidents or verbal abuse (I only said "keep your head down and I'll cover you, you dopey Rambo-wannabe-arse", and then he shot me and then all hell broke loose - it wasn't my fault, honest guv) - it doesn't seem to matter though as the whole thing including all the chatter (via the Xbox headset) makes the entire experience akin to a paint gun session with mates (you even know who's speaking to you thanks to an icon that appears above their head). Like most online shooters you'll die a lot at first, but Wolfy seems more accessible, easier to get into and gain proficiency at than most. I've managed to participate in a few disciplined and structured games though, and I'm sure once the novelty wears off and players gain experience, 'spoilers' won't be tolerated and will have to find their own type of mayhem elsewhere ('serious' Wolfy clans are already forming) - and you can call me a peasant, but I'm not sure which I had more fun at though...

The 16 multiplayer levels are superb, and allow for some truly excellent multiplayer games with plenty of overlooks, hidey-holes and sniper nests. I've heard some gamers complain about lag, but luckily this never seemed an issue for us, and didn't throw up any obvious 'lag moments' (and you can't say that about Ghost Recon, Moto GP or Mechassault). ... Read more

13. Conflict: Desert Storm II- Back to Baghdad

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000A03C3
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: Gotham Games
Sales Rank: 1534
Average Customer Review: 4.06 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Play as the US Delta force or the British SAS
  • Use the unique skills of four elite specialists: Team Leader, Demolitions, Sniper and Heavy Weapons
  • Command all four soldiers simultaneously to coordinate devastating strikes on enemy positions
  • Enemy troops communicate and coordinate their attacks; Squad mates dynamically react to ambushes

Reviews (17)

One of the best quad based fighting games ever
Conflict Desert storm 2 is one of the best war games on the market to date. You lead a 4 man sqaud of a sniper (foley) a man specializing in explosives (Jones) and a guy with the high powered guns (connors) you also have a squad leader (bradly). The game uses realistic command to tell your squad to follow you stand down fire at will and many more. The missions are a real challenge and usaully you must play multyplayer to beat them multyplayer is very fun so this is a good thing. There are also many diffrent weapons to choose from like diffrent guns explosives, and other things that come in handy like binoculars for scoping out the area they also have night vision. Here are some pros and cons of the game.

1. Realistic squad based game
2. You get to control 4 guys
3. Tons of weapons to choose from
4. You can tell your men many commands
5. You interact with helecopters Jets and can drive tanks and a jeep type truck
6. Great game
7. Enemy can surprise you and arnt predictable
1. Missions can get hard at times

Overall this is a great game and I sugest you buy it. Its defenitly worth the price.

5-0 out of 5 stars Fun Co-op Game
My wife and I played this game immediately after finishing Conflict Desert Storm (game one) and really enjoyed it. In comparing the two games I can say the primary differences are:
1.) CDS II has better graphics
2.) CDS II allows you to save more often
3.) CDS II is shorter
4.) CDS II is easier to complete
5.) CDS II has more vehicles to drive
Overall we really enjoyed the game and it's probably something that you can rent and finish in a fairly short amount of time. I paid $35 for my game and I thought that was a good value; however, I'm not sure I'd pay $50 for it. If you're looking for a good co-op adventure game try both Conflict Desert Storm and Conflict Desert Storm II. You can now buy the first game for $19.99, since it's a platinum hit.

conflict:Desert Storm 2-Back to baghdad
desert storm is the second most realistic game I've played but it's the best game I've ever played!!! All the guns are real. The graphics are great! The makers should of made multiplayer so you can go against each other instead of cooperative. The unrealistic part is when you get shot in the head,neck, or chest you don't die. Other than that it is a perfect mix of hard and easy !!!!!!!!!!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars Outstanding shoot-em up
If you love a squad based shoot-em up game this has got to be the game for you. The game has outstanding graphics from the great Xbox power.
Through out the game there are excellent missions what are just outstanding and mission that once I got started I just could not stop until I had finished them.
The overall weapons that are available to you are just outstanding.
Through the game you can interact with helicopter Jets. With the vehicles you can drive tanks and the main vehicle that you can use is a jeep type truck.
This a great game for the shoot-em up gamer , I must say must have.

Conflict: Desert Storm II- Back to Baghdad review
This is a must have game. It has 3-Demensinal graphics and is oouuttaaa here!!!!!!! most of all this game is war im talkin WAR.....For all u war tpye characters u should check this game ooouuuttt!!!!! ... Read more

14. Fatal Frame
list price: $49.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00006ZCD1
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: Tecmo
Sales Rank: 2746
Average Customer Review: 4.05 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

Fatal Frame, a horror-adventure game, leaves its victims breathless as they become immersed in a world of supernatural spirits and sheer terror. Guided by her sixth sense and armed only with an antique camera, Miku sets out to solve the mystery of her brother's sudden disappearance. As the story unfolds, she discovers gruesome details about the Himura mansion's troubled past. The property and surrounding area have a dark history involving grisly murders, an evil cult, and restless spirits. ... Read more

Reviews (21)

4-0 out of 5 stars Watch the spooky meter!
My cousin just recently bought this game and we already love it. You play as Miku, a young girl searching for her lost brother in a haunted mansion. Armed only with her inherited sixth sense and antique camera against the ruthless ghost. The story line draws you in from the beginning with its gorgeous graphics and creepy astrosphere. You find yourself jumping and becoming paranoid, always on the look out for another spook that would like to see Miku dead. The only drawbacks are the limited film, save points, and life preserves you find in the game. It's not really a problem just another challenge and a bit frustrating some times. This game is unique and brings some life back into the horror genre games. It's like being in a horror movie yourself. I recommend this game to anyone who likes something new, fun, or just likes to be scared.

4-0 out of 5 stars They weren't kidding, this game IS scary
Some games scare you by surprise (Resident Evil), others by what you can't see (Silent Hill), some games play with your mind (Eternal Darkness) and some games scare you by the fact that its based on a true story...
I know a lot of people don't believe in ghosts, but I have had the misfortune of living in a haunted house twice in my life. My experiences were not pleasant by any means, and so for the first time in my life there's a game that not only scares me, but makes me entirely uncomfortable to the point where I cannot play this game alone. It's not as gory as other games in the genre, but it plays of off my fear of ghosts as being a very real phenomenon very well. It's creepy, its spooky, and many of the ghosts in this game do not go down easily, thus presenting a greater challenge than other Survival Horror games, as its not a simple matter of shooting the ghost before it gets to you, or bashing the fiend to death with a lead pipe... these things are as fast as they are creepy looking, and worse yet... its based on a true story.
Graphically, although enhanced over the PS 2 version this game does not take advantage of the Xbox, as it should have. It does not look good on my Widescreen TV as images look somewhat stretched. Most Xbox games I have make the conversion pretty smoothly, including Taco's Dead or Alive 3,and Extreme Beach Volleyball. Worse yet, although the poly-counts are high, and look really good in some ways the lack of detail in the fingers (and the lack of fingernails) is annoying. Particularly since the character faces look so good. The biggest problem is that some of the in game graphics are grainy, and there is this odd effect that causes some colors to smear and blend poorly, as well as pixilation in some textures. This game looks like a port, and is nowhere near as polished as other horror games ported to Xbox (Silent Hill 2). Despite some enhancements this game could have been improved more in many areas. Never the less leave it to my Widescreen TV to bring out flaws that would most likely not be noticeable on a regular TV.
Sound effects and music in this game are a part of what make this game so terrifying. Creepy, and intense the sound effects deserve a perfect score except... the voice acting in this game is simply ghastly. The voice-overs range from mediocre to poor, which is sadly typical of this genre. Never the less none of the flaws interfere with the truly terrifying experience, or the appeal intrigue of this true story. Just trust me, and don't play this game alone. Even with the lights on its still ultra scary.

1-0 out of 5 stars Wishful thinking
I love the horror survival genre (it is the only reason I play video games). I will start off on the pro side of the game, it has a creepy look and soundtrack and the concept is really good. The con side is that the game controls like crap! The character is not fluid at all. It turned me off the game. I played for about 2 hours and gave up. The controls are that frustrating. If you have patience, get this game, it is a really great story/concept. I will probably do the same thing my friend did when he tried to play the game, turn around and sell it... So I give this 1 star, the controls ruined the whole game.

5-0 out of 5 stars Wickedly horrific game. . .
I love this game. It quite simply terrifies me.

I pondered buying it in Blockbuster because it was in the used section and I was looking for a cheap game, but because so many horror games turn out to be flakey I opted to rent it first. After the first ten minutes of gameplay, I did not plan to buy it. In fact, I wanted to stay as far away from it as I could get, it creeped me out so much. But I kept playing, and got so wrapped up in the storyline and cut scenes that I decided to buy it despite the fact that every time I play it, I get achey from being all tensed up.

Although some people have described Fatal Frame's plot as "mediocre," I think it's absolutely fantastic. Here we have a Japanese teenager walking into a dark, isolated mansion in search of her missing brother. Immediately, a ghost shows up. "The ropes," he groans. "There are more ropes. The ropes..." And we open the door into the Rope Room (which is one of the creepiest, in my opinion) and learn later that the ropes swinging from the rafters were being slowly added because the house ghosts had Koji's death in mind. As the story is unraveled, we learn about the evil rituals the Himuro family participated in, and meet Kirie, who is an intriguing "villain." It's strangle proper that when her two selves separate after death and the Calamity comes, it is the child-like half, who understood the necessity of the ritual and her terrible role in it, rather than her adult self who longs to be free, who remains good. I haven't beat the game yet (I am stuck, I think I am going to have to start over, and I am on the third night), but I am still quizzical about the purpose of the gruesome Blinding Ritual, and who it was who takes part in it. Although I pity the Blind Maiden, her ghost is incredible annoying. Every time I hear someone say "My eyes" I cringe. And I like how the storywriters played with the fine line in good in evil - although the Demon Ritual is cruel and horrifying, the player also understands the need for it to be done.

The graphics are also great. Not very interactive, but I never noticed because I was more concerned with other things. I found them very smooth. The controls weren't the best (every time I entered a room I would always turn around automatically and face the wall) but you get used to them. The sounds were FANTABULOUS. More perfect than anything I have ever encountered in videogames or movies. The music seems to come right out of a nightmare - the whole games does, really. It's like the creators knew what your deepest fears looked like and sounded like, and put them onto a game.

BUY THIS GAME. It is hellishly scary. I already have the sequel, and I can't wait to play it too.

3-0 out of 5 stars Definitely Different
"Fatal Frame" was an enjoyable game with mostly solid gameplay mechanics. It's touted as a member of the (insipidly-named) category 'survival horror', but many aspects put me more in mind of an 'adventure' game.
First the controls:
"Fatal Frame" does not use a Resident Evil-style control scheme, instead opting for a camera's POV-based system ala "Metal Gear Solid". I, myself, never had a problem with the old style controls (where up is forward, down is backward, and left/right pivot the character on-screen), but some games (like the aforementioned "Metal Gear") call for freer, faster-paced controls. This was not one of them. Due to the confined spaces in most areas and the fact that this is a horror game, and thus all about atmospheric (and constantly changing) camera placement, the method of moving one's character from place to place was more of a frustration and a distraction from the story than it needed to be. Even more trouble is added to the mix by the fact that the character constantly hangs up on invisible corners while running. When it comes to using the camera (this time referring to the weapon), controls are much smoother. It is easy to access and leave the viewfinder screen, and tracking thankfully can be done in two different speeds. Battling your enemies with only an old camera seemed at first like the gimmicks of most games- the only real novelty, and one that would wear thin after awhile. Fortunately, this was not the case. It never seemed too contrived, and the camera was comfortable to use.
Next the graphics:
I've only played the Xbox version, but I thought the graphics were solid. They're not the best available, nor were they when this game was released, but they're more than up to the requirements of "Fatal Frame". The environment wasn't terribly interactive, even by the standards of so-called 'survival horror' games, especially in the area of lighting. Shadows don't really fall on the character, and lights never move or flicker. Even though the character's flashlight can be manipulated throughout the game, the light it gives off doesn't behave in a realistic (or particularly useful) manner. "Silent Hill 2" was released in its PS2 form around the same time as this game and it displayed impressively realistic lighting effects and behavior.
Finally, the story and atmosphere:
Being a non-believer in all things supernatural, I take the words "based on a true story" with a truckload of salt. After all, the movies "Fire in the Sky", "It Could Happen to You" and "Braveheart" were all 'based on true stories', but the actual facts in each of them boil down to less than 10% of the script. This shouldn't make the game any less frightening. The "Silent Hill" games have been, on the whole, the best games I've ever encountered in 16 years of playing. Period. That verdict includes the admission that each of them (but especially 1 and 2) scared me half to death and kept me on that edge continuously throughout every moment I played, from beginning to end. All this, and there's not a sliver of fact or even testimony behind those stories. But "Fatal Frame" was not scary in the least for very different reasons. After the first ghost encounter in the prologue, you've seen everything the game has to throw at you. There are no dangers other than ghosts, all ghosts will be conquered the same way, and all of them are bright, visible, and predictable in their methods of attack. Combat felt more like a one-on-one fighter than a horror game. I never felt surprised or nervous at any point during gameplay because of this. Second, as mentioned above, the lighting does nothing to build mood. Everything is wide open and completely visible, so you always know when there's something awaiting you. Lastly, the premise itself just isn't particularly scary. This is where the story fits in. By the time you are halfway throught the 'First Night' (each night is, very roughly, 1/4 of the game) you know everything. Of course, more details will be filled in, but the backbone of the story and most of the reasons for the haunting are revealed very early. Without any sense of mystery, there is no incentive to immerse oneself in the world of the game.
In sum, "Fatal Frame" is fun as an adventure game with good presentation, but with surprisingly weak story elements. It's definitely enjoyable while it lasts, and the gimmick of camera-as-weapon never wears itself out. However, as a horror title it is largely ineffective. "Fatal Frame" is never corny or farcical- it's simply too light on suspense. ... Read more

15. Dynasty Warriors 4
list price: $49.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00009B057
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: Kolcraft
Sales Rank: 1161
Average Customer Review: 4.44 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Conquer 50 stages across 17 unique maps
  • Fierce 1-on-1 duels with enemy officers
  • Giant siege engines, essential to battlefield victory, include catapults, battering rams, bridge layers, and more
  • Create your own officers and bodyguards in Edit mode
  • For 1 or 2 players

Reviews (18)

5-0 out of 5 stars Extras! Extras! Extras!
Dynasty Warriors 4 is easily the best game to come out of Koei since their very first arcade titles. The game which is based on the great series "Romance and the Three Kingdoms" by Luo Guanzhong is a fast-paced 3rd person hack and slash, but is done with so much grace that it cannot be overlooked. While the gameplay is a little to simple to master, and the difficulties don't differ very much, this game is awesome. With over 40 characters to pick from, 42 to be exact, and different divisions to control (Wei, Shu, Wu) this game can be played over and over again without the player getting bored. Grab a friend and master the whole game in cooperative mode, or dual him in intense one vs. one battles. With unique weapons that belong to each character, a level system to track your players progress, and 4 endings for each division, this game will have you playing over and over to power up your favorite characters. A highly addictive game that will have you sweating when your done. The best of its series, keep them coming Koei!

WOOT, but your paying an extra 50 for character creation
backround- this game takes place at a time with different dynastys, you can choose a real warrior, or create your own (dyn 4 exclusivley), this is a must have for people who are un aware of the game series.

My opinoin- SUPERB- i love the series, so many characters and so much replay value, you can take on literaly thousands of enemies and with red, blue, and green dynasties, you can play throug the literaly 40 something characters roles and see different dynasties fall, rise and see your own character develop


among best 3rd person games,
intense combat
character CREATION
unlockable characters so the game dosen't get stale
beautiful cinematics
can actual help you on your history quiz (all the characters and battles were real)

coop AND vs mode

if you have 3, basically your paying 50$ for the character customization and like 5 new ppl

you will only want to play a level or two at a time due to the fact that it's the same thing. but it's still fun

4-0 out of 5 stars good but has major flaws
The game has nice-looking graphics and good control. So why is is a piece of crap compared to the PS2 version?

-Nice plot
-Good controls
-Dolby Digital sound in the actual game, not the cinematics (only thing better than PS2 version)

-LOTS of slowdown
-LOTS of pop-up
-Distracting music
-Easy mode is a joke (no kidding)

If you have played the previous 3 games, stay away! There's nothing new! Otherwise, if you are a newcomer to the XBOX or a new Dynasty Warriors fan, rent first.

Final Verdict: 77%

5-0 out of 5 stars it should be 1000000 stars
this game is like drugs its so addictive it even got me obsessed with chinese history its a must buy.


Awsome Game
This is such an awsome game! The graphics are awsome! I recommend this game to anyone hwo likes sword fighting! 5 Stars!!!!!!!!!!! I would give it 7, but I can't! ... Read more

16. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds
list price: $49.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000095ZGW
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: Vivendi Universal
Sales Rank: 928
Average Customer Review: 3.39 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Third-person fighting/adventure game based on the hit TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Authentic Buffy Universe - involvement from the TV show's creator and writers, voiceovers by numerous cast members
  • Play as Buffy, Xander, Willow, Spike, Faith, and even Sid the Dummy
  • Unique weaponry and over 100 character-specific slayer moves and combos
  • For 1-4 players

Reviews (56)

2-0 out of 5 stars Camera system almost ruins the fun
First off, I'm a huge Buffy fan who's pretty easygoing about all things Buffy. I also LOVED the first Buffy Xbox game. This one is nice in that you can play Willow (magic! yay!) and others, but what's NOT nice is the camera system.

I've only had it for about six hours, so maybe it'll get better, but I got the camera system figured out for the first game in under an hour. With "Chaos Bleeds," you don't have the range of motion that you had in the first game, you can't look up AT ALL, and when you're in a tight room or hallway, the imaginary camera "hits" the walls and won't let you turn around to see what you're fighting. But it's just as bad when you're in wide open spaces (like the cemetery), because the camera will "hit" a lamppost or tree and refuse to let you rotate the view as well, until you move forward or back a few feet or turn another direction first to "release" it. It's incredibly annoying--more than once today I've started yelling and cursing at the game because I'm trying to play and can't even turn around to see what's attacking me.

To give you some context about my abilities, I'd say on a scale of 1-10 for skill (10 being a hard-core gamer and 1 being my mom), I'm about about a 6.5 to 7.

I would heartily recommend you RENT THIS TITLE FIRST to make sure the camera system doesn't totally ruin the game for you. I have been waiting all summer for this, and now I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with the total experience it provides. The camera system is so wonky that it almost feels like I'm playing with a broken controller. Which I'm not.

Best game ever!
This game is the best game in the world! I love it. It has great button handling and handling by itself. It is very cool. It is the best game in the world. Graphics, buttons, voices, everything!!! BUY THIS GAME! Not rent... BUY!

Real Vamps
Yes there are real vamps,I am not one,as far as I know, but they are out there. simply go to altavista and type in 'real vampires' am then press search. around three /four down,you will reach a vampire support page "sangurinarius" it contains loads of info for those who have been awakened. if you like the taste of blood and have unnatural cravings for it,go on ahead you might as well go,but as for"non-vamps" read anyway. this game was rated as a "2 out of 5" by x-play(aka extended play,aka gamespot) and said that buffy looked like the " undead"(real vamps ARE alive,are NOT immortal,and as for anything holy,dont bother,they are as normal as the rest of "us")I only put one star because I havent played the game

Buffy ROCKS!
Buffy: Chaos Bleeds is a spectacular game. I have the first game, so when I bought Chaos Bleeds, I had high expectations. The game was even better than I even thought it would ever be. It has amazing weaponry, it has difficult yet fun puzzles, and the graphics rock! My advice is to BUY THIS GAME NOW, BEFORE THEY ARE ALL GONE!!!!

I own the first game, so when I bought the second game, I had high expectations. When I bought it, I was in love! The game has amazing weaponry, the levels are longer and the puzzle are difficult. But that is what makes it so amazing. The voices are spectacular and the characters are amazingly similar to the TV show. My advice is to BUY THIS GAME BEFORE IT'S OUT! HURRY!!! ... Read more

17. Soul Calibur II
list price: $49.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008H2IU
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: Namco
Sales Rank: 939
Average Customer Review: 4.39 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • 3-D one-on-one fighting game
  • 13 historic fighters plus all new combatants including Necrid, specially designed by Todd McFarlane Productions
  • Seven exciting modes of play including Arcade, Vs, Time Attack, Survival, Team Battle, and Weapon Master
  • Includes Todd McFarlane's Spawn as a unique special guest fighter
  • For 1 or 2 players

Reviews (77)

5-0 out of 5 stars Soul Calibur 2
I am writing this review after playing the japanese version of this game and I must say I'm impressed.I have played the original soul calibur on dreamcast.There are new characters Talim,Cassandra,Necrid,Raphael etc. and yes,Spawn(charac from another videogame).The character models are much more detailed and in high resolution and so are the stages.You can see their hair and clothes sway in the wind.Now those of you expecting a graphical feast like DOA3 might be slightly let down.But without comparing it to any other game,the graphics are still pretty solid.Sound quality is great.Sounds of blades clashing are realistic and the music fits the fighting very well.The fighting engine is much like the original SC.There is a nice intro movie as well. THE one good thing Namco has done is that it has retained most of those elements which made the original SC on dreamcast a hit(like multiple weapons and costumes,weapons master mode,museum mode,lots of unlockables).Another good thing about this game is that there are virtually no load times.All in all,a very worthy sequel.A good purchase.

5-0 out of 5 stars Weapons Master
Soul Calibur II, is an excellent fighting game. The attack moves are great and the combo attack system is awesome. Similar to Dead or Alive 3, the character designs are beautiful and have fluid animation. The sound effects are excellent and they used clasical music which fits well into the game. There is a major emphasize on the weapons, like swords, daggers, nunchukkus or staff. They added nice little touches in the animations, you'll see characters playing with their weapons before and during the fights. Like the character with the Nunchukus, with moves that would make, Bruce Lee, proud if he were alive today. Other characters swing their swords or daggers like pros in their hands. You'll also notice that all the weapons have nice looking light streaks when they are swung. My Favorite Character has a sword that morphs into a chain on command. It's truly a pleasure to her whipping at rivals with the chain, then slashing with the sword. Great sound effect of swords clashing. To top it off the game has excellent controls, different game modes, finishing move replay and lots of characters with unique fighting styles. You can win the fight and still continue beating on your rival for a few seconds. You can also knock people out of the arenas!

+beautiful character designs
+fluid animation
+excellent combo attacks
+responsive controls
+different game modes
+good music and sound fx
+lots of characters
+different weapons
+good voice acting
+ring out
+torture your opponents
+alternative costumes
+different game modes

-no blood
-stupid story
-uninteresting backgrounds

Soul Calibur is as good as Dead or Alive 3 for the
XBOX. The main difference in gameplay is that in DOA 3
is all hand-to hand combat, while in Soul Calibur II is
mostly melee weapons combat. It depends what you prefer
in your fighting game.

Great Game but.........
Soul Calibur 2 is the best melee fighting game I have played. So you might be asking "Why give it 4 stars then" there are a few reasons. One being Weapon Master mode takes only about 12 hours to beat (If ur an average gamer rather than "addicted"). Another being it gets realy repetitave realy fast (although the main point is the 2 player) There are an incredible 230 weapons! Overall this is a great game and i would suggest buying it.

This is a fairly great game. The XBOX version includes Spawn but there's no Link on XBOX. =( Dead or Alive 3 has better graphics & also better backgrounds. But in Dead or Alive 3 there's no weapons. So if you like to hit your enemies with weapons get this game. If you want good graphics and superb backgrounds, get Dead or Alive 3.

*Unlockable features including characters, costumes, arenas, & more.
*Collect & use over 200 cool weapons
*Over 15 warriors
*Weapon Master mode (Kind of easy)

*Dead or Alive 3 has better graphics & backgrounds
*No Link

Cons & Pros:
*No Blood (Depends on if you like violence or not)

Hope this review helped you =P

4-0 out of 5 stars One of the Better Fighting games for awhile
REmember how fun streetfighter was now Soul Calibur2...Its a great game to play with friends, Great Graphics and great game play...buttons are not that hard to figure out...but the one player game eventually gets tiring...but other than that I would get this it is on Plantinum hits for 19 bucks can't go wrong with that price ... Read more

18. Pirates of the Caribbean

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008V6TF
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Sales Rank: 1149
Average Customer Review: 3.36 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (42)

4-0 out of 5 stars Good Game but....
I almost didn't buy this game after reading the reviews. That would have been a mistake. Despite the bugs (I only encountered 1 freeze and two or three bugs in 20-30 hours of game play and I have finished the main quest) this is a very fun game and provides many hours of adventuring while developing the main character (as well as up to 3 officers and a fleet of 4 ships each with it's own captain) with hard-earned skill points. Although character development is not as deep as a true RPG you can decide to focus in leadership, sword/revolver, sailing, cannon accuracy, commerce, luck and more. You also gain Abilities (Storm Helmsman, Fencer, Long range cannons, and many, many more), which determine how you will play the game. You can become a goods trader, an escort for cargo ships a treasure hunter (could have been more caves to explore) or a ship stealing/sinking contraband item trading pirate (like me) who could care less about his reputation (currently my rep is "Bloody Terror"). But be warned a low reputation means many won't deal with you and attacking the French, Dutch, English, Portuguese or Spanish may make you an enemy of their crown and result in all of that country's ships attacking you on site, not too mention their town forts will shell you, preventing you from coming in to port to trade goods, hire officers, repair your ship and load up on ammunition and supplies. Your actions will determine how the game plays. I can repeat what most reviews have said...the graphics are great, especially on the open seas. Sailing is easy but the frequent storms are rough and too many unwanted encounters with enemy ships can make just getting from one island to another a challenge. The sea battles are fun and get easier as you earn money and buy (or commandeer) larger ships with bigger and more cannons. I also agree with the bad reviews... the plot is thin and yes, the player controls and camera angels are pretty darn bad. Sword fighting is frustratingly difficult until you learn to position yourself (like in hallways) to prevent your foes from surrounding you and your officers always die in sword fights (just leave them on your boat before boarding and take on the other ships crew solo, it's more fun that way anyway). This game is good but it could have easily been great had they had time to finish it. After playing Morrowind (same developers) it is easy to see what this came could have and should have been. All the makings for a 5 star game but falls way short... still it is a really fun game and woth the money.

4-0 out of 5 stars ATTENTION RPG Players, patience & saving, wins the game!
I just completed BETHESDA Softworks "Pirates of the Caribbean". and it is an awesome game. The 4 stars is because of the limited land exploration & very dufficult early character development (survival) Patience and attention to your environment will lead you to hours of fun. Plan your work/quest, Work/quest your plan!!!!

NOTE: If you follow the lengthy scenario (working for the English Governor of REDMOND) you will enjoy a complex story leading to a great sea battle with the "BLACK PEARL". Solving the mystery of undead pirates parallels the Disney film. So Matety, to become worthy you must follow this detailed/complex open ended RPG game carefully.

NOT MORROWIND, why would it be, the real saga is at sea!!! This is a shipboard adventure. Once you learn & develop your character to be the superior swashbuckling sea captain the adventure truly begins.

The "Pirates of the Caribbean PRO's are; The unbelievable ships, magnificent seascapes/realistic caribbean water, realistic naval battles (using your spy glass(buy the best for advantage)), cannon telemetry, boarding skills, open ended sea exploration (you must open/discover clues allows you to explore new areas). Each city & island are different and fun. Complex movie story line.

The CONS; No auto-mapping (like Morrowind), Frequent dying in sword fights (SAVE OFTEN), Limited/restricted camera angles, game crashes occasionally (NEW SAVES & SAVE OFTEN), Sea BATTLES/STORMS can be to frequent causing death/ship being sunk (KEEP YOUR LUCK HIGH). Limited exploration on land, cave, dungeons, beaches, islands, etc. If you want the movie tale you must explore everywhere, talk to everyone and go to REDMOND and work for the Governor & begin a very complex and lengthy journey to discover the "BLACK PEARL".

I had a fun, sometimes frustrating, long journey to the Pearl. But it was worth it. Now I can be the Pirate who reeks havoc in the Caribbean. Enjoy.

1-0 out of 5 stars Bethesda Software Makes CRAP
Ok...I liked Morrowind. I really did, until it started crashing...a lot. I mean if I didn't save every 10 minutes, it would crash. I got SOOO far and then it became UNPLAYABLE! (...). SO I should have known better when I picked up Pirates of the Caribbean. Admitedly, it started off being a fun game, but it started crashing right from the start. At first it was a minor hassle as I always save as often as possible. But then, with increasing frequency, it would either freeze or I would get a white screen and it would reboot the X-BOX.

WHY IS IT that the only X-BOX games I have that crash are from Bethesda? Disney should be ashamed for letting this piece (...) software company make their product. The graphics are not even good! Hitman 2 has awesome graphics and uses a better engine. Also, the directional controls are terrible! Morrowind had better controls.

I know I am coming across as just angry, but I just finished trying to win ONE sea battle and every time I get close to the finish, it freezes and/or crashes me. I am taking this piece of junk back to the store for store credit. And if they won't take it, I'll eat the $19.99 and flame Bethesda to anyone who listens.

Don't get me wrong, I really like the idea for this game. I like Pirates and it has SO much potential. But they just jury rigged this game. To many inconsistencies. Too many poor graphics. TOO MANY F*&#ING CRASHES!!! WHYYYY?! NO OTHER GAME I HAVE CRASHES AT ALL!!

If you are a serious gamer, don't bother with this slapped-together piece of junk. If you are a casual player with a lot of patience and don't mind doing the same thing over and over and over, then buy it. But as for me, I think someone should go to Bethesda, find their quality control person and their testers and kick them in the junk. I will give you a shiny nickel if you do!

Suffice to say, I will never, ever purchase another title from Bethesda and I recommend you save yourself the aggravation and avoid them like the plague. Microsoft should void their license to create games. And yes, I did file an official grievance with Microsoft over Bethesda.

5-0 out of 5 stars A great looking xbox game:
I bought this game and I think it will be great to play.
The graphics are (...)! I liked the movie so the game should be just as good. Anyone who is looking for a PPG xbox game with state of the art graphics, buy this one.

4-0 out of 5 stars Buggy but Great !!! (See Work-arounds, below)
Yes, this game needed a few more months of debugging. Yes, it was probably rushed to market to coincide with the movie, and Bethesda should receive 50 lashes for putting revenue ahead of quality. (Consider buying a used copy rather than a new one!)

But the bottom line is - this game is a Masterpiece. It's a "Five Star" game with one star subtracted for bugs. (See my workarounds, below).

It's all there - the quests, the commerce, the sword/gun fights and of course the ship battles. All done to perfection. I will focus on the ship battles (below), because there simply isn't a game out there that competes with this aspect.

You can be whatever type of character you want to be - it's wonderfully open in that respect. You can be a pirate (of course), a pirate hunter, a merchant (yawn) or follow the main quest thread. I found the quests to be a "sideshow", but they do supplement the open game play.

Ship Battles: You have both a third person "god view" and an on-the-deck, look-over-the rail view. Both are needed. You use over-the-rail to get a sea-level view, with zoom available through your "spy glass" which yields additional information on the ships around you ,e.g., number of cannon, crew, sail damage, hull damage. You get better spy glasses as the game progresses, reveailing more and more information.

You use the "god view" when you're doing tight manuevering and trying to avoid coliding with other ships, e.g., when boarding.

And what are you looking at?... simply the best ship graphics ever programmed in a video game. Wind blowing the sails in the right direction (and wind determines speed if you get the default setting off of "arcade", set if to "realistic"), holes in the sales, cannon flashes in the distance, exquisite water splashes when the shots miss, and your own cannon smoke blowing by your face in the over-the-rail view. You can almost smell the gunpowder!

Refreshingly, the ships move at realitic speeds - in other words, they're very slow. No turbo-ing to avoid cannon balls, you have to play the wind and do what sailors did for centuries, learn to sail.

Like Morrowind, you have 10 Skills and about 25 Special Abilities that enhance your performance and those of your officers. The skills of you officers complement yours, e.g., you typically have high Melee and Leadership, a Cannoneer has high Accuracy and Rate of Fire, a Navigator has high Sailing, etc.


1. Corrupted Saves - do NOT overwrite an existing saved game. Always delete it to create a new save location. Problem solved.

2. Missing Officers - this one is annoying. You can only have (8) eight officers in addition to yourself on your own ship. Any officers added beyond 8 will cause one of your existing officer to disappear. So manage that carefully. I lost a lot of good officers in my first game until I realized they were "deserting."

Also, if you hire a new officer, and try to put him on another one of your ships (you can have 3 ships in addition to your own), the program deletes one of the officers on the additional ship. In fact, it creates a duplicate of the new officer on both your ship and the additional ship. The only way to deal with this situation is to avoid putting more than one officer on the additional ships (the Captain). The captain is unaffected by this bug. I typically make the captain a Cannoneer.

3. Difficulty - like Morrowind, this is a very difficult game at first. Many of the complaints about the game are simply a result of not figuring out how to play well. For example, Luck plays an incredibly important role in surviving on the open seas, when sailing from one island to another. With a "Luck" skill of "1", you will be hunted down by pirates and blasted by storms every 15 seconds. With a "Luck" skill of 10, the Carribean turns into your private lake. I always invest heavily in the Luck skill right at the beginning of the game.

Another complaint is that the Officers get killed in sword fights. That occurs when you are outnumbered (use lots of grapeshot before boarding) or send great cannoneers into a sword fights who have a Melee skill of 1 (duh!). Hire enough officer to allow your officers to specialize. You can only have three of your 8 officers active at any time, make sure you activate the ones needed for the current situation. For example, use your Navigator and Cannoneer for the sea battle, then replace them with your Melee fighters to board vessels; insert your Quartermaster when your ship needs repair after the battle, or when purchasing goods at the store on land.

4. Land Movement - this is awkward. You use the left thumbwheel to move in all directions. You use the right thumbwheel to look up and down in the "Forward" view option, and in all directions (independent of movement) in the "Directional" view option. (My guess is they did this to facilitate sword fighting. Evidently the "A" button is better to swing your sword than the right trigger. When your right thumb is always punching the A button, you can't be using your right thumbwheel to change your view.)

You can look in all directions while on land, contrary to some other reviewer comments I saw posted here. You simply have to turn your character around to see that way.

There is also an annoying "feature" with doors and walls. When you stand next to them and turn around, the view changes 180 and you see the front of your character instead of the normal position behind him. This is hard to get used to.

5. Miscellaneous - there is an occasional lock-up, so save your game frequently. (I always save before I board my ship.) This may occur once every 20 hours of play.

The "dissappearing officers" can lead to bigger problems in quests. One of the main quest characters that was supposed to join my crew was lost in my first game. That ended the main quest thread.

Sometimes a merchant will ask you to deliver cargo to the wrong island. You're supposed to deliver it in less than 30 days, so you may have to save it and figure out which island is correct.


TR ... Read more

19. Futurama
list price: $49.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000095ZGX
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: Vivendi Universal
Sales Rank: 1786
Average Customer Review: 3.8 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Action-adventure game based on the animated TV show
  • Take the crew back in time to prevent Professor Farnsworth from selling Planet Express
  • Play as Fry, Bender, Leela and Dr. Zoidberg, each with their own special fighting skills and weapons
  • Original cast voiceovers
  • For 1 player

Reviews (10)

4-0 out of 5 stars I'll Be Fair
While the gameplay is pretty sub par, the license ups the playability and the fun factor. Futurama was/is a great show that spent less time fine tuning and more time simply being funny. Potentially, this show didn't quite catch fire like The Simpsons because the subject matter was a lot foreign to us 20th Centurians. However, strip away that aspect and you have one funny show. A video game was long overdue.

As far as platformers go, none have really stuck out to me since the original Super Mario Bros. This probably has a lot to do with the genre not really exciting me overall (with the exception of Ratchet and Clank). But, I love the show that this game is based on and despite poor reviews by a lot of game publications, I felt the prospect of a lost episode was worthy of purchase. As I stated up top, the gameplay is pretty average and even shoddy at times. Exiting a room and having the camera lag behind is inexcusible. Another aggravating aspect is having enemies come from behind unexpectedly and hainv gto spend more time refocusing than attacking back and ultimately getting killed. These kind of bugs should be banned from finished products and after soooooo many games that have been released, you figure bugs this premature would be a thing of the past.

The fun comes from simply being able to participate in this show in building a new episode from start to finish. Despite reviewer gripes, the load times are not much different from most other games. Star Wars Jedi Outcast II has waayyy longer load times.The targeting is actually quite simple considering some of the game's missteps and toggling between weapons is also surprisingly easy. The graphics are slightly disappointing compared to other cel-shaded titles but at least they had the right idea rather than opting for 3D. Overall, I would give Futurama 3.25 stars but as a fan of the show, I gave it an even four. Gameplay-wise, it probably doesn't deserve that many but the license is a solid five so 4 is pretty fair. Give it a chance, you might even enjoy it.

Good News Everyone!
This game was quite cool from my point of view, the sound was cool. I just love anything Futurama though. The graphics were awsome, (thanks to the Xbox). The game was awsome, I mean, playing Fry on my Xbox has never been cooler.

The voice acting is great, just like the show. The writing is awsome. What can I say? Buy this game! You'll love it.

5-0 out of 5 stars It's like getting an extra episode of Futurama!
A full episode worth of cut scenes between the levels make it a must-have for any Futurama fan.

The game gets better and better as it goes along. Don't judge it based on the warm-up.

2-0 out of 5 stars Fan of Futurama? Spend your money on the DVDs.
Cel-style animation. Original voices. Cut scenes with all the off-beat humor of the original TV series. What's not to love?

Well, in the "not to love" category we have: Weak graphics. Substandard (non-customizable) controls. Dumb missions. And a third person camera that absolutely defies player control.

All in all, I thouroughly enjoyed the cut scenes, and spent much of the gameplay trying to gouge out my own eyes. Thanks a load, Fox Interactive.

4-0 out of 5 stars pretty good
It was pretty cool(and funny).Though i only rented it for 2 days. ... Read more

20. Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008G8OA
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: Atari
Sales Rank: 1614
Average Customer Review: 4.13 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (15)

Lots of fun, but has some drawbacks
First and foremost, Godzilla:DAMM is a lot of fun for anyone who is a fan of the movies. The developers obviously spent a good deal of time creating the monsters - they all have their distinct advantages/disadvantages and are rendered beautifully in the game. This is a great party game once all the monsters/arenas have been unlocked.

The game plays as it is expected: a) big giant monsters are not going to be nimble characters (like in DOA:3 or MK:DA) b) it takes a lot more than a few combos to take an opponent out c) throwing buildings and other monsters at your opponents is a given.

The game offers a variety of modes (Adventure, Versus, Destruction, Melee). While Destruction is pointless, the other modes should give the game some longevity. The addition of Bots for the Melee mode boosts the replay value well above the GC version.

The drawback to the gameplay is the collision detection. At times, your character can be standing right next to a building and not be able to pick it up. Even more annoying is getting hit when you should be out of the opponents sites.

Graphics and sound:
The sound is superb - hands down. All of the yells and screams the monsters make in the movie are represented perfectly.

Graphics are a mixed bag. The monsters look great, but the arenas are often bland and look unfinished. The most disheartening aspect of the graphics is the building destruction - they fall down as if they were precision dynamited, not stomped on by a giant lizard.

4-0 out of 5 stars Best Godzilla Game to date
This is one of the best Godzilla games to date. I highly recommend the Xbox version or GCN version if your a fan of Godzilla.

Excellent graphics(all though the GCN could be better)and it's a blast to play as any of the monsters my favorite being Kiryu aka MechaGodzilla 3. I bought a GCN for this game but no sooner than I had done so I found out that it was going to be ported to xbox.

One of the good things about the Xbox version is it supports custom soundtracks, it's really great to play this game while your favorite Godzilla scores are playing in the back ground.

Excellent game a must have if your a fan of fighting games or monster movies.

3-0 out of 5 stars Not the worst game ever, but not the greatest either
Being a heavy G-fan, I rented this sucker the minute I saw it at my local Hollywood Video. I brought it back to my room and popped it into my roommate's X-Box, which was at first to much his dismay. However, within an hour him and two of our buddies were all battling it out as four of Toho's finest. We even played together on the storyline mode to unlock more monsters to make the one-on-one more enjoyable. So, after all that, what are my final statements on the game? Well, there are a lot of good things about this game that I like, but there are also some things that disappointed me.

First lets talk about the storyline of the game. Aliens come down to earth and announce to humanity that they are unleashing all the monsters from Monster Island, and its up to you as one of the selected monsters to stop them. OK, sounds fair enough, that was the plotline of most Godzilla films in the 60's and 70's (even harkens over to the "Destroy All Monsters" movie). I have to say I'm a bit turned off at the stupid, overused humor they gave the aliens ("Am I still on?") as well as the cheapness those CG scenes had. The alien hits a button on the table before him...except there's no button! Also, after defeating all the monsters on earth, the aliens throw MechaGodzilla at you. That's cool, and its fitting with the Godzilla universe as well, but I wish they could have thrown in some more Godzilla monsters on other difficulty levels, or maybe even unlock villains to fight. I know Biollante would have made an awesome boss, or even SpaceGodzilla.

As for regards to gameplay, this was a pretty decent melee game. Every one has their own blasting ability, especially Godzilla 2000 who has one mighty breath-of-death! Arguilas can roll (and if you hit his spiked back your monster will cry in pain). Rodan and King Ghidora, as well as his mecha counterpart, can fly. Megalon can burrow underground and pop up under his enemy, spinning them with his drill.

And yes, you can destroy the city. Buildings take damage either by being stomped or touched by monsters, or some parts can even be picked up and thrown by one of the fighters! There are plenty of stages to fight in, each a major city with day/night choice of time. If you destroy too many buildings in one area, the military will start to target you (although I never saw how that did too much damage).

There are other ways to get the upper hand, though. You can get power ups (Rage) that will increase hit damages, and of course the mandatory HP restore power up. You can also select some items that will bring in other monsters to aide you: one has Mothra swooping in and shocking your opponent, while the other has Hedorah in flight-mode pretty much farting over your opponent (I don't know what else to call it, it doesn't do much except steal the opponent's dignity). If melee is boring, they also have contests where who ever does the most damage in a city wins the round. Never played that too much though, unless I wish to practice a move or some thing.

Despite all this, I think some game issues weren't thought over before this was released to market. For one, some of the moves by the monsters are downright cheap - and their cheapness is exploited by the AI while you may have trouble figuring out how they work. The Megalon AI will continue to try and burrow under you, and there's no way you can attack them back. You're only hope is to run and hope eventually their power will go down. Also, once Megalon gets under you, you can't block - its an automatic drill attack. Rodan also has an incredibly cheap attack with his massive wing-span slap. Most of these monsters move pretty slow, even in their run, so its almost impossible to get to him especially since he flies. Also, I seem to notice the AI for Rodan and Ghidora seem to have unlimited flying abilities while I can barely stay up for more than five seconds.

I also wish they had had some original Godzilla music in there. The music in this game is no where near as memorable as the one from the films - where's my Akira Ifukube? Even "Godzilla 2000" remembered to have the original themes that highlighted Toho's 1980's revival of the G-man.

So what's my final conclusion? Well, I would rent this first. I'm sure most fans will read my complaints and go, "I don't care, I can overlook that." If you can, then by all means buy this for your own. If you get annoyed by this too, then rent it and decide for yourself. Just remember I said it was a "decent" melee game.

A Must Have for G-Fans, Couldn't Have Been Any Better:
...if you know what the term "Kaiju" is, you simply must have this game. If I was a kid, I would have hookied to play this thing. Kudos to Pipeworks software development team for their excellent concept and design. This has the feel of a labor of love, and had to be an extremely difficult game to code. I don't see how this could have been done any better:

1. Most of the Toho kaiju stable are here, and are "perfectly" rendered. In fact, they improve over the limitations of their film counterparts in many aspects.

2. The game has a movie feel to it. Again, Pipeworks did a superlative job of somehow capturing this intangible but crucial element.

3. Has that arcade magic. You can jump right in and hold your own in easy mode but there are plenty of game variation - including an awesome single screen multi-player mode. Great AI means that you can have a fun challenge against the computer regardless of skill level. Game play is intuitive yet challenging.

3A) Balance. Capturing "arcade magic" means the game has to have the correct balance of strategy and fun. This does.

4) Details - as you continue to play you will notice the incredible detail and hidden objects. Every time I play I marvel at something new.

Caveats: Cheat codes are an absolute must! It's too hard to unlock all the monsters and cities without them. The cheat codes are all over the internet. Some have stated that the cities lack detail but I disagree. This was a development trade-off. The buildings are not static elements as they are in other games. Most building can be picked up and thrown at your opponent, and all can be destroyed. Plus there's like 15 different cities to choose from. I only wish they would have used Akira Ifukube's scoring - but that's a minor point.

I was a little skeptical because this game has gotten mixed reviews. I think that those who criticize this one are comparing it to other fight games, and are not familiar with the Toho universe. It's not a fair comparison, and they're missing the point. This is a highly entertaining game that is remarkably true to its cinematic origins. And it's flat out too much fun if you're a fan of these films. As far as film-based games go, no other game even comes close in regards to being truer to its origins. Pipeworks did an absolutely remarkable job with this game. Rather than make it just "another fight game" with a broader appeal, they made it a unique experience by putting you into Kaiju film. Well worth the 15 bucks or so, now that its widely available, pre-owned.

This is not rampage, its a fighter with monsters
I was looking for a party game with simple mindless bashing and point scoring like Rampage, but this was more like street fighter 2 with monsters. The sound is great, but the destruction of buildings is not "messy" and the gameplay is languid. Other fighting games out there are better IMO, but it is unique in that it has monsters. ... Read more

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