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    1. Othello Game
    2. The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys Executive
    3. Lord of the Rings Fellowship of
    4. Land of the Dinosaurs 100-piece
    $24.99 list($29.99)
    5. Star Trek Exclusive Enterprise
    6. Eyewitness Kit: Mold-It
    7. King Arthur's Court Chess Set
    8. Transformers Exclusive Laserbeak
    $69.99 list($74.99)
    9. G.I. Joe Exclusive Serpentor Black
    10. Star Wars: Clone Wars Asajj Ventress
    11. Dimensions Crafts Butterflies
    12. Settlers of Catan Board Game
    13. The Simpsons Halloween Bendable

    1. Othello Game
    list price: $14.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00004TQMQ
    Catlog: Toy
    Manufacturer: Mattel
    Sales Rank: 349
    Average Customer Review: 4.69 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (13)

    5-0 out of 5 stars My favorite game
    This is my favorite game. The rules are easy enough so that you can learn in 5 minutes. However, the game changes as your skill level changes.

    If you are young, this is an excellent mind-expanding game, plus a lot of fun.

    If you aren't very good at games, this can be a good social game that is quick to learn. Just make sure you play someone at your skill level.

    If you love strategy games, this game is for you. If you haven't played it since you were a kid, you probably haven't appreciated the intense strategic elements in this game. I think this game coined the phrase "A minute to learn, a lifetime to master." It is a lot of fun going through the mastery process.

    The quality is not as good as I remember it as a kid, but the board will hold together even though the green felt will wear quickly.

    And, as a trivia note, Othello is the brand name of the generic game of Reversi. Reversi is available for free at many online gaming sites.

    In simplicity can complexity be found
    Related to the ancient Japanese game "Go", and seen online in various versions (e.g., Reversi), Othello is very simple to learn and, when played against a partner of equal skill, it can become a wonderful test of simple logic and strategy. When played between players of differing skill levels, the less-experienced player can lear and catch up quickly. For players who need excitement, the game can wear thin after a while, as much of the action occurs in theminds of the participants. The pieces are quite durable, but the game-board surface wears out with frequent use.

    Positively Addictive!
    I've seen this game often in the stores but passed it up in favor of the flashier games with the namebrand attached.

    We are gamehounds and I have so many games it was getting harder to find games we DIDN'T have! Enter: Othello. What a fabulous game!

    My daughter (she's 7) picked up how to play very quickly. This is a game of strategy, not chance. In that aspect it is much more educational than so many other games out there which rely on chance and sometimes leave kids with "poor gamemanship" attitudes. I really found myself thinking hard after every move my daughter made. Now that is a GREAT game! Challenging on all levels.

    This is also an excellent game for math skills. I highly recommend this game.

    The best games are usually the most simple. This game is simple, but that doesn't mean it's not challenging or fun.

    It's a good child/adult game, and I'd highly recommend this over some of the "gimmikicy" games out there. It can be played over and over with a lot of different variations on the outcome, and while a good player can win consistantly, like many decent games that don't rely on chance, this game can be played to ties or near ties if both people understand it. I think that makes it a better game.

    It's good for strengthening logical thinking.

    Great Strategy Game
    This is a good game for 2 people to utilize good strategy. My nephew was in a car accident, and they used this game for rehabilitation to help him use his mind. He came to visit us from Texas, and we had an old game from years ago. He asked us to wrap it up for him, because he has been unable to buy it anywhere! I don't know why, this game seems like it should be one of the standard type games. ... Read more

    2. The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys Executive Set

    Asin: B000096R59
    Catlog: Toy
    Manufacturer: Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys
    Sales Rank: 8309
    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (2)

    I bought this set for my son's 7th birthday as he has recently become obsessed with sea creatures. He was so excited to have his own little "shrimp" to raise. We hatched them on a Sunday morning and he was disappointed because we couldn't see anything. But by the next day, they were visible with the magnifying glass (you had to look hard, though). On the 2nd day, they were visible without the magnifying glass. Today is the 3rd day since we have hatched them and they are the cutest little things! The look like tiny little white tadpoles almost - fluttering through the water doing flips and swimming in circles. I think I love them even more than my kids! We have 3 dogs and 3 cats, but there is just something endearing about these teeny creatures. I would highly recommend them to anyone who loves animals! This is a great set because it comes with the cleaning tool, the million bubble pump and the aqua leash - it's a perfect starter kit! I'm looking forward to getting some more different sets for around the house! The Sea Monkeys website has a lot of other neat things for your new little pets, too!

    Sea Monkeys- fascinating little creatures!
    I first saw sea monkeys advertised in a magazine and I logged on to to check 'em out. I soon wanted my own sea monkeys. This kit's the newest from Amazing Live Sea Monkeys, and the only kit that includes the new Tiny Tank Tool. Sea monkeys are extremely fascinating creatures. All you do when you recieve the tank is pour in the water purifier, and then, 24 hours later, you add the instant live eggs. The sa monkeys hatch instantly or over a period of days/weeks, depending on your tank's water temp. and light exposure. Sea monkeys take a few days to be seen to the naked eye, but it's worth the wait! Watch as your sea monkeys grow and reproduce. Individual sea monkeys live up to 6 months, and the circle of life is guarenteed to go on for 2 years! Sea monkeys are extremely easy to take care of- just feed them every 5 days and aerate their tank once a day. It's that easy! You may also use the Aqua Leash to take out a single sea monkey and transfer it to another sea monkey play area (Play Pen, other sea monkey colony, etc. SOLD SEPERATELY).You can also use the Tiny Tank Tool to clean algae off the sides of your tank, while giving your sea monkeys a feast at the same time! The possibilities are endless to how much fun you can have with your sea monkeys. They teach children responsibility and the cycle of life. They are also good for adults too- you are fascinated by the little creatures! Sea monkeys are probably the easiest pets to take care of, and I recommend them as a great birthday or Christmas gift. To learn more about sea monkeys, visit or if you're thinking about getting a tank yourself, you may be interested in joining The Sea Monkey Clubhouse at Yahoo! groups. (It's the official one with the most helpful members). HELPFUL ADVICE- try to order from even though you can order at Shipping is extremely expensive there and the sets cost more money. I recommend this tank if you want the best one. Try to get a set with a tank included-sea monkeys tend to work better in surroundings built for them. Also, I put 4 stars of durabiliy because if the tank gets knocked over, your sea monkeys are goners. Hope this was helpful! ... Read more

    3. Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring 9-piece Collector Set

    Asin: B00015406Y
    Catlog: Toy
    Manufacturer: Art Asylum
    Sales Rank: 2621
    Average Customer Review: 3.6 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (5)

    I don't recommend buying this
    The 9 piece set was disappointing when i first got it and saw it up close. I did not know that the action figures were going to be that small. Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, etc. are a little taller than 2 inches while the hobbits are about 1.5 inches tall. Well that wouldn't have bothered me that much if the painting on the faces of the figures was well done but it wasn't. Half of Frodo's face looks disfigured and he and the rest of the figures are not very bendable or posable.
    Save your money for something better and don't buy this. I'm probably going to return mine.
    Well i hope this review helps someone out.

    Lord Of The Money Thieves
    My son's action figure fell apart after 2 days. He did not play rough with it or drop it or anything. I resent this toy.

    The Fellowship of the Ring (with Bill the pony ) 10 set
    This is such a great set that any Lord of the Rings fan should purchase it. It has ten figures with many weapons. These figures include Gandalf the Grey, Frodo Baggins, Boromier, Merry, Pippin, Gimli, Sam, Legolas, Aragon, and Bill the Pony. They all come with their weapons and can be removed off their stands. The stands fit together to show how they travel. Some of their weapons are Aragons' sword,Legolas and his elven knifes, Frodos' sword (named sting), and Gimli with his double bladed axe. The figures are very detailed with their cloaks (that are not able to be taken off them) and Aragon and Sam have luggage on their cloakes. Bill carries much of the fellowships luggage. There are only two small things that I don't like. One of them is Legolas has deadly accuracy with his elven bow but in this set it is slung over his shoulder and cannot be removed. The other thing is that Sam has his hobbit sword but cannot be put in his hand. But everthing else is just fine. It is one of the best set that I have seen. Like I said before, any Lord of the Rings fan should by this right now!

    It even has Bill, what more do you need to know?
    This is a great item and a 'must get' for any LOTR fan. I just ordered my second one. I have only ever seen these offered on 2 websites and the other one is sold out. As far as I know you can only get it here.

    I have many LOTR items but this was my first AOME item. I have to say I am very impressed. They went to great lengths to get details right, like what Aragorn, Sam, and Bill are carrying. As much as could be expected they tried to make the characters look like the actors, but in a more important sense Play Along was able to capture the Fellowship embarking on their quest. Such a wonderful moment in the imaginations of I am sure each of us.

    I do have one caveat. There are MANY very small items. I would not give this set to anyone under 5 as is the recommendation under any circumstances nor would I let them around it. As stated in the excellent review below, the arms are all molded on so if you did have very young people around the set I would at least take the extra set of weapons off of all of them.

    Lastly it has Bill! Bill is almost impossible to find on any LOTR set or item. The wonderful sideshow item has long been sold out. It is almost worth it just having Bill. In any case, FOTR in many ways remains my favorite of the 3 movies and this will be a wonderful way to remember the book and movies. Like all things LOTR this will sell out and it is a limited edition. I'd buy one now rather than miss it later, which is going to happen, even with it being hard to find using the amazon search.

    Why the 5 for education? Well the fellowship has 4 different races represented starting out, 5 or 6 if you count wizards and horses. And they all worked together. How important of a message is that?

    The Nine sets out from Rivendell, to your home!
    Another great set in a series that is garnering fame across the toy world, PlayAlong's Fellowship of the 9 set is a fabulous addition to their already outstanding line. These figures and bases recreate a scene from the movie, where Gandalf the Grey leads his fellowship out of Rivendell to destroy the Ring of Power. But that is just a facet of the fun. Like all of their line, these great sculpts are poseable, and come with removable weapons and acoutrement.

    Again, I caution those with small children, to know your child before getting this set, as the small array of knives, swords, hat, etc. may be too small and pointed for younger hands. Also, some of the thinner items such as the swords and handles are of a stiffer plastic making them a bit fragile.

    I have noted that PlayAlong must be adding to the figures poseability. Unlike their earlier versions, which have a modicum of arm and waist movement, these exceptional figures of the nine have poseable heads, arms, elbows, legs, and waists, on many.

    Gandalf the Grey comes with his noble staff and pointy hat, as well as Glamdring, his sword. Merry and Pippin come with their gift of Elven swords from Aragorn. Frodo as well. Samwise Gamgee shoulders his burden of tackle and cooking pan, exquisitely sculpted onto his pack. His bastion, Bill the Pony by his side laden with provisions. Boromir strides with his shield on his back and his horn at his side, he comes with his sword. The gruff and gregarious Gimli carries a brace of axes at his waist, and comes with a doble bladed ax for his hands. The noble Aragorn shoulders a removable acoutrement of an unstrung bow, rope, closed quiver and bedroll, as well as his sword. Lastly the lithe Legolas shoulders his bow, quiver, and Elven knives, but also comes with two additional knives that can be placed in his hand.

    The bases are form fit like a puzzle piece to provide an unbroken line of adventurers set out to save Middle Earth from the destruction of Sauron. For other adventures, as I have noted with the line, since the weapons are removeable, and these sculpts are nonconfrontational, the play and enjoyment is limited only by one's imagination. Take any number of the castle playsets that abound and you, your children, or your friends can create hours of humorous fun, either inspired from the films, or from your own mind.

    These toys are perhaps one of the greatest lines of movie inspired toys to date. Many of us have waited a lifetime for such, and they also go well with some of the toys we may have gathering dust in the attic. I recently placed my figures next to an older larger Dragon from the Dragonheart movie line of toys, and the first thought that came to mind was.....Smaug!

    You will greatly enjoy this set. ... Read more

    4. Land of the Dinosaurs 100-piece Puzzle
    list price: $10.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00004TQJM
    Catlog: Toy
    Manufacturer: Ravensburger
    Sales Rank: 419
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    5. Star Trek Exclusive Enterprise Battle Damaged NX-01 Starship
    list price: $29.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0006FT0S2
    Catlog: Toy
    Manufacturer: Art Asylum
    Sales Rank: 6892
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    Own the Enterprise starship. Authentic rendition of Captain Archer's Enterprise. This NX-Class vessel is built using scans taken directly from the filming model. Features hyper realistic starship detail, authentic Enterprise NX-01 sound effects and bridge crew voices direct from the show, and light up action war nacelles and impulse engines. Also features audio for vital ship systems including phase cannons, torpedo launcher, impulse drive, warp 5 engine and many other authentic starship sounds. This exclusive battle damaged version is based on the Shockwave episode, when the NX-01 was attacked by the evil Sulibans! Features battle damaged starship hull and packaging! ... Read more


    • Limited to just 5,000 pieces worldwide!

    6. Eyewitness Kit: Mold-It

    Asin: B00000ISLH
    Catlog: Toy
    Manufacturer: Skullduggery
    Sales Rank: 8830
    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Editorial Review

    Why do paleontologists and archaeologists make molds of fossils and artifacts? You'll find out with this unusual Eyewitness Kit that explains the basics of molding and casting. The instruction and information booklet describes different kinds of molds, processes, and materials scientists use to create casts. The kit includes molding material to make a reusable seamless mold of a favorite item and enough casting medium for several creations. Adult supervision is recommended, as this is a somewhat complex and messy operation. Your child could create some unique gifts using this kit--what grandparent wouldn't love a cast of a grandchild's hand? --Marcie Bovetz ... Read more

    Reviews (2)

    Good product, good customer support.
    I bought this product for my 6-year-old daughter. When I first opened the box, I was a little disappointed. I thought it was a little over priced for 2 small bags of powder and some instructions.

    On top of that, the "mixture" didn't harden (even after 5 days it still wouldn't harden). So we threw it away and called the company's customer support number on the instructions. They were friendly and helpful. They shipped a new bag via 2 day air to Hawaii for free.

    We tried it again, only this time used about 1/3rd the amount of water listed on the instructions and it worked perfectly. My daughter loved it. She created the mold and painted it.

    Overall, it's a good product. It allows children to follow instructions and create something rather than simply "play."

    Great and fun!
    Mold of hand turned out really well, could even see the fingerprints and fingernails. ... Read more

    7. King Arthur's Court Chess Set

    Asin: B0002JUS24
    Catlog: Toy
    Manufacturer: Excalibur
    Sales Rank: 11364
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    King Arthur Chess Piece (King) Hailed as the "Once and Future King". Legendary ruler during medieval times in Britain, he was the founder of the famed Knights of the Round Table. The son of King Uther Pendragon, he was hidden by Merlin till the time was ripe for him to claim his rightful crown. Queen Guinevere Chess Piece (Queen) Wife and betrayer to King Arthur, Guinevere ruled beside King Arthur in both good and turbulent times. Even though Arthur was warned by Merlin that she would betray him, Arthur still took her as his wife. Ultimately she fell in love with Lancelot. Camelot Chess Piece (Rook) The famous land and castle over which King Arthur held his rule. For years he had prosperity and joy under his reign. This is where King Arthur had his famed Knights of the Round Table meet. Merlin Chess Piece (Bishop) Counselor, aide and wizard to King Arthur. Merlin went on to prophesize the downfall of King Arthur by his most trusted men when the Round Table's 150 seats would be filled. Ironically, Merlin himself would fall at the hands of his greatest pupil, whom he falls in love with. She is known as "Fata Morgana", also known as Morgan Le Fay. Lancelot Chess Piece (Knight) King Arthur¿s most beloved knight and trusted friend. Lancelot was King Arthur¿s most valuable ally in all the great battles they fought. Yet it would be Lancelot who would steal Arthur¿s wife from him in his very kingdom and begin the war which would destroy Camelot and tear it from within. Young Arthur Chess Piece (Pawn) The pawn in this exquisite set represents King Arthur as a strapping young lad who was destined by Merlin to extract the "Sword of the Stone". He is secretly kept by Merlin until the time is right for him to rightfully proclaim himself as heir to the highly contested throne of Camelot. ... Read more


    • This glorious chess set brings to life one of historys greatest Kings and his noble Round Table
    • Crafted with painstaking workmanship and painted in exquisite detail, King Arthurs court is represented in full color
    • The legendary characters from Camelot create a beautiful collectors set that you and your family will prize for years to come
    • King Arthur's Court chess set comes with a beautiful custom storage case, protecting each valuable chess piece, and doubling as a perfectly sized chessboard
    • This Medieval themed chess set and it's chess pieces will be cherished for generations to come!

    8. Transformers Exclusive Laserbeak Statue
    list price: $20.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0006FT4HO
    Catlog: Toy
    Manufacturer: Palisades Toys
    Sales Rank: 28209
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    The fantastic Decepticon spy Laserbeak now joins the sellout Transformers polystone line as a special edition, ready to be paired with his master - Soundwave! This lethal condor spy delivers destruction in battle to Autobot stragglers and critical information to Megatron. Now he can be a part of your Transformers armada! ... Read more

    9. G.I. Joe Exclusive Serpentor Black Mini Bust
    list price: $74.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0006FSV46
    Catlog: Toy
    Manufacturer: Palisades Toys
    Sales Rank: 43193
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    Cobra Emperor. A secret cabal of COBRA scientists combed the dusty vaults, tombs, and sarcophagi of long-dead despots, scraping together enough DNA to achieve a warped plan: a supreme leader dedicated to evil. They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. SERPENTOR is a military genius, ruthless tyrant, fearless warrior, financial sorcerer, and political demigod. His plans are subtle, vicious, and intricate, making him a formidable enemy of G.I. Joe. Even COBRA COMMANDER has to watch his back in case his genetic brainchild tries to wrest control from him. The conquests of the distant past still echo in his mind, urging him to achieve the glory his DNA still remembers... and he'll stop at nothing to again grasp the world in his hands. "The greatest men of history flow in my veins, and my goal is to let them rule the world again." This black variant of Serpentor is based on the Serpentor Black action figure, which was released as part of the eighteenth series of G.I. Joe action figures in 2002. It was only available in limited quantities to online retailers. ... Read more


    • Limited to just 300 pieces worldwide!

    10. Star Wars: Clone Wars Asajj Ventress Maquette
    list price: $79.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0006FTFKK
    Catlog: Toy
    Manufacturer: Gentle Giant
    Sales Rank: 32920
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    The new face of the Sith. Trained by a Jedi who died before imparting the most crucial tenets of the Force, this rebellious warrior turned to the Dark Side with an impassioned hate for all Jedi. Though she is not truly a Sith Lord, her power, ability, and mercilessness rival any in history. ... Read more


    • Star Wars: Clone Wars has been a huge sensation on Cartoon Network, and Star Wars collectors will get to enjoy a series of maquettes (statues) based upon the animated versions of Star Wars Clone Wars characters! The second maquette will be Asajj Ventress!
    • This Asajj Ventress maquette stands 10-inches tall.
    • Limited edition of 2,500 pieces worldwide includes individually numbered package !
    • In animation a maquette is a small model of an intended work, used by animators as a reference tool to help retain character consistency.
    • This maquette is made of a porcelain/resin blend.

    11. Dimensions Crafts Butterflies & Sunflower Paint by Numbers - 91126

    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0006FUFWM
    Catlog: Toy
    Manufacturer: Dimensions Crafts
    Sales Rank: 17344
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    Spring has surely sprung with this collage of flowers and butterflies. With easy color mixing, you'll create the shades that bring this piece to life. Kit includes printed canvas board, acrylic paints, brush, and instructions. ... Read more


    • Paint-by-Number
    • Finished Size: 9" x 12" (23 x 30 cm)
    • Kit includes printed canvas board, acrylic paints, brush, and instructions.
    • Complete Kit
    • Designed By Leesa Whitten

    12. Settlers of Catan Board Game

    Asin: B00001ZT4D
    Catlog: Toy
    Manufacturer: Mayfair Games, Inc.
    Sales Rank: 3499
    Average Customer Review: 4.95 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Editorial Review

    In this award-winning board game for three or four players,Catan is an imaginary unexplored island, and players are explorers andsettlers. The playing surface is made of hexagonal tiles that, dependingon their placement, create a different environment each timethe game is played. Settlers must use their resources to developtheir island home, building roads and houses to create newtowns. But watch out! There's a robber on the island, and that renegadecan show up at any time to steal your valuable resources. The gameincludes a rules booklet, a game almanac (with examples and advancedrules), cardboard hexagonal tiles, a plastic game sheet, small woodenmarkers (for settlements, cities, and roads), playing cards, and woodendice. Settlers of Catan takes only 15 minutes to learn, and the game canbe played in a simple version for beginners or in a more complex versionfor experienced players. --Marcie Bovetz ... Read more

    Reviews (86)

    5-0 out of 5 stars One of the Greats
    This is probably the most popular game in the world from a highly respected German designer. It's really fun to play, and turns come around quickly. The rules are hard to learn from scratch, but not so hard to explain once you've played through. It plays differently with three versus four players. With three, the board is wide open, and the game is a little more mellow. With four, it's possible to get walled in, and there is much more tension to the game. I always use this game as an introduction to gaming for people who haven't played many games, and they love it. It's different every time because the board is set up randomly. There are several expansion sets that add different elements to the game. The best is Cities and Knights of Catan, although it makes for a longer, more involved game. You cannot go wrong with this purchase.

    The BEST game I have ever played
    Settlers of Catan was bought for me for Christmas last year, by my canadian relatives. I am completely addicted, and am eager to own ALL of the expansions to the original game. It is so much fun, and if you're great with strategy, this is the game for you!

    I am a big gamer. I could play games everyday all day long, and with Settlers of Catan, you can change your expansions, or buy other games by Mayfair, and still have a ball all day long!


    *trades a grain, an orr, and a sheep for a ... woohoo, a VICTORY point!*

    Settler's of Catan Review
    I really enjoyed this game, it was a joy to play with some friends and my brother. I recommend it.

    wow this game is totally awsome! i love it so much, its kinda like monopoly like its a game thats drawn out but it doesn't get boring!!! its super fun!!! try it!!

    This board game is absolutely addictive. I know people who play every day... at least once. It's an excellent game, and lots of fun. My friends and I are currently working on an expansion to the game that makes it even more challenging and exciting, perhaps it will work out, and someday be available. But till this, I suggest buying this game, and playing lots! ... Read more

    13. The Simpsons Halloween Bendable Figures Set

    Asin: B0000E3BUE
    Catlog: Toy
    Manufacturer: NJ Crose Company
    Sales Rank: 7213
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

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